In the last episode of Naagin 4 written updates, we see that Dev starts packing, and then Brinda starts convincing him not to do this. Brinda says this is not how we do things. She says we can not be the reason for our family’s misery. Dev says everything will fine as you will be with me and I just want my love with me. Dev says that we will leave and live in a flat, I will convince them as I want to live for myself. Dev packs the bag and starts leaving. Brinda asks him not to do this as she does not want his. She takes him to the window and says I have to tell you one important thing about me then.

Naagin 4 Written Updates 26 July 2020 Episode

In the latest episode of Naagin 4 written updates 26 July 2020, we see that Brinda tries to tell him the truth but Dev says no I do not want to listen to anything and I know everything about you. He says now the time is 12:00 PM and we should not stay angry of each other. The snakes come in the house. Brinda remembers that he ate that dark chocolate. Dev asks what happened now tell me. Brinda says that I am afraid that you will not talk to me if I will tell you the truth. She says I have one truth which you do not know. The snake comes and tries to bite Dev

Everyone was talking in the room and Dev’s mother thinks if Dev goes from here. Then she says that she will handle the matter. Shalaka does something. Brinda sees that Vishakha comes there to hurt Dev. Vishaka was attacked by Brinda and Dev becomes hypnotized. He goes to Shalaka. Brinda becomes so angry and goes after Vishakha, she asks why you want Dev to hate me.

In Naagin 4 written updates we see that Brinda asks why you want this Vishakha. Vishakha says that Dev has a secret and he is not loyal and he hides many things. Vishakha says you will also die like your mother and nobody can save you. Vishakha burns herself. Brinda thinks why she did this. Brinda thinks why Vishakha was saying that Dev is hiding something. Dev goes to Shalaka and Brinda sees him laughing with her. In Nagin 4 today’s episode we will see Shalaka will see Dev and brings him in her room.


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