As you know that Shivangi’s story ends up with her death at Shivji’s temple. But some other Nagin’s story started in Shiv ji’s temple, which was away 100 km away from Mumbai, where 4 pandits come from 4 sides to do Rudra Abhishek of Shiv ji. He says it is said that the temple is 3000 years ago and this story will start from here.

This is the starting of the new show Naagin 3 at shivji’s temple Sehgal comes with his men to demolish the temple and wants to make a luxurious hotel but Panditji tries to stop him and says that he will be ruined and cursed. Naag devta saves the temple and kills the men but somehow Sehgal gets saved. But he doesn’t stop. He says what is the use of Politician friends. Arvind tells him that they are not getting any contractor yet and it will take 6 months to maintain the place. His friend Shekhar asks him to call Shalaka as she can control snakes. But he refuses and tells that he doesn’t believe it.

It was the day of Pooranmasi and Naag and Naagin were enjoying their romance.
Yuvi, Rehan, Pratham, and others go to Shivji temple at night and there they hear the anklet sound. They think who can come here without Dad’s permission. Yuvi, Rehan and others think to find out who was there.

Naagin tells Naag that they will unite today after 100 years wait and Shivji has given
them the chance to unite, now nobody can separate them. Yuvi, Rehan and others look them and think she is very sexy. Naag says today we will unite and get married. He asks her to go and check the gift which he kept. Yuvi tells Rehan that he has a plan. But they didn’t get united as they kill the Naag. Naagin says that she will take revenge for her love.
She kills one of them and now wants to kill Yuvi.

In Sehgal family there is marriage and Naagin changes her roop and comes in a new avatar of a prime investor lady named as Vish. Yuvi is going to be married to Bela. Naagin has entered in her enemies home as she wants to take her revenge. Bela does not likes her as she always attracts Yuvi towards her. Bela does not likes her and she gets doubted on her and tries to reveal her truth but she, however, saves herself to from getting caught.

Bela at night hears some strange sounds and she goes to temple to check out. Bela comes to the temple and looks at Vish. Raavi comes there and diverts her attention.
Vish changes into snake. And again she gets saved. Vish recalls seeing the new face and gearing to take revenge from him.

Bela goes to Yuvi’s room to tell him  that Vish is not in the room and she is in the temple and doing something but he was not in the room and there was Mahir. They come to Vish’s room and see DND board. They knock on the door. Bela says Mahir that they shall go and check in the temple.  Suddenly Vish opens
the door and asks Mahir if he wants to give her company in the bathrobe, and she tells that she already has a company. Then they see Yuvi there drinking in her room. Bela gets sad and tells she will not marry with Yuvi. Yuvi comes to her to console her that he was there as he was not getting sleep.

Bela agrees as Mahir consoles her that he has many girlfriends but he loves her a lot.  Mahir says Yuvi that if he can’t honest to her so he should cancel the marriage.
Mahir asks Vish to stay away from his brother. Vish says that what he will do, will he punish her?. Vish in her snake getup goes inside the Police station and goes to Adi’s lockup. She turns her neck just as he does and says hi. Adi when turns, get shocked to see her there. She comes in her snake look. Mahir comes there and asks what happened? Adi forgets and tells that he has a headache. Yuvi gets a letter from Vish as Ravi and he thinks he still has 30 mins for marriage so he should go to romance with her. On seeing that  Adi is coming they take out his aarti.

Vish changes herself into Raavi. Yuvi comes there. She takes him to a jungle and there she comes in her real look and kills him by recalling Ruhi and Vikrant.
There in the Sehgal house everyone was looking for Yuvi. And Mahir gets confused that what he will do and how he will handle the situation.


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