In today’s episode of Nagin 3 :- Vish tells Sumitra that Bela had left mandap after crying, but now she had returned shamelessly. Sumitra tells her that she didn’t return, but she brought her back. Then the last scene is shown, in which Bela’s father jumps in the pond and  Bela also jumps in and saves him. Her father says to her that he doesn’t want to live.

Bela says him that this world is too big and says she will live. Bela’s father tries to make her understand her that this world is bad and if they don’t see vermilion on girl’s forehead then they blame her. Sumitra then comes and tells Bela that Mahir’s intention is not wrong, he wants to live with her all life. She asks Bela to get ready for marriage. Bela hugs her father. Sumitra says her that it was what the god wants. Vish gets angry on knowing it that it was Sumitra who did all this and she misbehaves.

Sumitra says that it is too good that she did not make her bahu as she is mannerless and would have snatched all the property. She also says her to stay away from them. The scene is shown when Mahir and Bela take rounds and vows. Sumitra goes to make arrangements of grah pravesh. Bela’s father asks her to take care. Poulomni comes with Suhani and Pratham there. Vish throws rice on Bela.

Bela sees her eyes red. Vish tells Bela that they will be housemates now and tells that she will stay there with her and Andy welcomes her. But Mahir says she can’t stay here. Andy says to them that she will stay here and asks everyone to paint the town in red color. Sumitra takes Bela to her room and says her to stay here. Bela meets Mahir and tells him that she will not accept his fake relationship. She says that if Yuvi had betrayed her then he also as she always complained him about Yuvi’s affairs but he never stopped him. She coughs and Mahir blows off the candle and brings water for her. She refuses to take it and it falls on her. He then gives her tissue paper and apologizes. Mahir says that he is known that she is allergic to jasmine and that’s why he blew it off.

Andy tells that he is too much thankful to Mahir as he saved his respect.
Then Poulomni comes coloring her face red and says that she had done it because Andy has said. Sumitra says her that Andy had said to make the town red, as he wants everyone to enjoy. Poulomni asks that why didn’t he tell her that he wants to enjoy with her. Sumitra says her to go to her house and enjoy as this is her house.

Sumitra was worried for Bela. Vish as snake comes to Bela’s room when she was getting ready. Snake hides under the blanket. Bela was going to pull the blanket and suddenly Sumitra comes and calls her. Bela goes then. Vish comes in human form
and says little Bela will be going soon. Boltu asks for Adi. Someone tells him that Adi is bitten by a snake. Boltu gets afraid. Poulomni says that Pratham and Suhani will dance first before their first night and she asks them to dance. Andy tries to take Poulomni to save them from embarrassment, but Poulomni says that she will dance later. Bela and Mahir dances together. Vish makes Electricity cuts. Bela sees Vish turning her eyes red. Rehaan gets a call from the hospital. He picks the call and Doctor asks him to pay the hospital bill. The doctor tells him that Karan is still in coma.

Rehaan asks him to send CCTV footage doctor sends him CCTV footage. Rehaan sees Vish in the CCTV footage and gets shocked. He sees that Vish was taking out her snake tongue from her mouth while standing near Mahir. Then Kuhu falls fainted. Mahir asks Bela if she is fine. Bela sees Vish going out and follows her. Rehaan then tries to stop her and follows them. He comes to the haveli and hears Bela was screaming. The doctor comes and checks Kuhu. Poulomi asks about baby.

The doctor says that the baby is normal. Rehaan goes inside and asks Vish to not to harm Bela.  Vish hangs Bela to the wall and then she stamps on the ground to scare Rehaan. Rehaan warns her that he will shoot her. He sees that Vish was turning into the snake. Bela then falls down on the ground from the wall. Vish holds her head and then hits her on the wall. Rehaan tries to call Mahir, but he doesn’t pick the call. Then Rehaan calls to Andy and asks him to bring everyone to the haveli quickly. Bela asks her that why are you doing this?  She tells that she will take her revenge and make everyone’s condition worse and then she stabs near her.


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