Today’s episode of Naagin 3 starts with:- Sumitra gives some material to Bela for worship as they were going to kuldevi temple. She asks Andy to bless them and Poloumi also comes there and says why did not you inform me? She then talks about her puppies and Andy says them to go to temple. ACP comes and introduces himself and says that i am here as i am handling the case of Rehaan. Mahir says that i have called you. He says that after handling this case to us you left, this is wrong. Then he enquires that who is Bela. He asks her that she was there in the palace that night. Had she seen anything there? Mahir ask him to talk with manners and says that she had seen nothing. Sumitra asks him to let them go.
They go. ACP in surprise says that it is too grotesque that she did not listen to anything. How it could be? Yamini comes there and says that she was not there but she can help him to investigate the matter. In the car Mahir says that he is thinking to gift them something. Bela thinks that he is talking about Pratham and Suhani. She says that he had already given them. He says there are lots of things to gift them like:- umbrella,bones….. Bela gets surprised and changes her expression. Mahir then clears her that he is talking about Mrs and Mr Poshtu. He says that he can’t call them dog as Poloumi aunty will take his class. Bela bursts in laugh and Mahir says her to openly laugh. There Yamini tells ACP something and he goes. Adi on thinking about Bela gets in tension.

There in the way police stop the car of Mahir. Constable checks the car and touches Bela’s shoulder and asks her that if she is fine. Bela gets in anger and asks him that what a misbehave is this. Constable was no one but Vish, she comes in her real form. She then recalls her about the revenge from Mahir. They sit in car and go. After that Police turns into Vish and Arvind. They then puncture the car of Suhani and Pratham so that they could not reach to help him. Pratham calls Mahir that we can’t come as our car has punctured and he says that we will also come back home.

But he tells them that they should go.  Bela gets Vish’s message and says its too important to perform puja there so they must go and they go. They go near a lake and then he lifts Bela and says that it is a ritual that maa had told me. She asks him are you fine. He says yes and asks about her. She says you are lifting me. Rain starts and she takes out the umbrella. Mahir covers her head and says that now you will nit be wet. They reach to lake and she carry water in a pot suddenly she was going to fall in the lake but Mahir saves her. He again carries  her and takes to the temple. The enters in the temple. There Pandit takes their offerings and asks Mahir to fill Bela’s maang. He gives him vermilion. Bela recalls about her love vikrant and sees Mahir holding gun in hus hands. Then she prays to Mata to stop all that. Mahir says to Pandit that he will keep that plate in front of Mata rani as he doesnot want to do anything against her wish. When he was going to do the same suddenly plate gets fall and sindoor gets filled in her maang. Pandit says that it is the blessing of Mata for their married life.

There Yamini asks Adi that what did he say? He then tells her about Rehaan’s message and says that he said that someone wants to kill him. In the temple Pandit asks Bela to do the rituals while Mahir to take the promises. He says that he had not loved anyone before. He says that he will always be with Bela and always save her. Bela was thinking to kill him. She comes to temple and hears him. There Yamini asks him that who is that who wanted to kill Rehaan and he says that she is no one but Bela. Anu comes there and listens. Yamini asks him to tell him once more.

He says Anu’s reflection so he says Yamini to go from there. Pandit then says them to go home as weather was going to be bad. Mahir tells Bela that he loves natural beauty like greenery and all that so she asks him that then why do you want to break the temple. He says her that he never wished…. Suddenly he received a call from Sumitra. She asks that whether they had performed puja or not. He says yes. Bela was thinking about her weakness in front of Mahir. Arvind comes and holds her hand. He asks her if she is unable so he will kill him and asks her permission. He then attacks on him with a rod and Mahir shouts. On hearing, Sumitra goes to informs Andy and says him to check out. Arvind and Bela changes their roop. Bela becomes a man and takes a big stone to kill him. Mahir faints and asks about Bela. Man(Bela) says him that now he will be died so forget about her. He says that i am not worried about myself but i want her safe. He asks where is she and gets up. He beats Arvind and asks about Bela.

There Sumitra calls Andy and informs him that Mahir is in trouble and he shouted when she was calling with him. Pratham and Suhani comes back and says they wasn’t go in the temple as their car get punctured. She then gets in more tension. Anu comes there and says that she heard Adi taking someone’s name. There Bela in the disguise of Man attacked on Mahir’s chest and he falls unconscious. Bela comes in her real roop and was going to bite him but she doesnot and goes down and sits there. She thinks that why she is not able to kill him. Then she says that she has to kill him as he killed Vikrant. There Anu takes Bela’s name and Sumitra scolds her and says she is a good girl. Suhani also scolds her. She says that we should call Adi to confirm. ACP comes and agrees with the idea. Bela was going to kill him and suddenly mongooses come there and she gets afraid. ACP asks about Adi. Sumitra says that her son is in trouble and Anu blames Bela for it and says that Adi is known about it. ACP says them to call them. They didn’t find them at home. Sumitra says that they should go to find Mahir.


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