In this episode of Naagin 3 Shaan reveals his real identity, and to saw, this Bela decided to expose him in front of everyone. The latest episode of naggin starts with Vishal walks out of the room and to saw this Bela follows her. They both portions of meat at the old haveli and they both meat each other and Vishal told to Bela that she will kill anyone who came in between her love. Vish told Bela about her vengeance and said that Vikrant was her love. She tolds to Bela that if she has fallen in love with Mahir and forget about her love Vikrant. To listen this Bela get upset.

Vish and Bela start fighting after searching them Mahir and Shaan reach the haveli. He is in love with Vish Shaan told this to Bela. Bela and Mahir remember their kissing moment. Mahir smiles as he saw that Bela cares about the feelings. To saw this he was so happy, and he thinks that she also loves.Related image

Next morning Bela wakes up and found a letter from Mahir. In the letter, he mentioned that he has settle for her favourite breakfast. After this, she gets Mahir’s laptop and gets to know that Shaan was not real and that the real businessman Shaan is still in London.

She told all this to Vish and he told that she previously know for this incidence. Vish stops Bela from exposing Shaan in front of others. Shaan changes his form and is a charmed snake. He takes his harp and begins playing it.

The nag guru plays a sound and realizes that all will loses their powers. Bela runs to the old Haveli by following the sound. And she found Shaan there and confronts him about faking his identity. She can not understand why they confront him.



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