Naagin 3 is one of the long-running TV serials. Naagin 3 is most loving serial. So many viewers like the update of the show. The serial gives high voltage drama. Naagin 3 is an Indian television series and airs on Colors TV. It is produced by Balaji Telefilms. It is premiered on 2 June 2018. Naagin 3 the season is said to be packed in with more drama, mystery, romance, and emotional.

Naagin 3 written episode, 22 December 2018, today’s episode update is all about Sumitra reveals her true identity and intentions with Bela. Today’s episode begins with Bela is shocked to see that Sumitra is Vikrant’s mother and has been trying to attack her all this while. Sumitra demands the naagmani from Bela, who is still in shock. Sumitra tells her that she is the rightful queen and even threatens her. Bela said she is too braved and she did not frighten to anyone.

Naagin 3 written update, 22 December 2018

The two get ready to attack each other in their snake forms. Bela strikes her first but Sumitra wraps her around with her tail. Bela attack back but Sumitra cover her around with her tail. Due to this, she gets panic. Sumitra then tells Bela that Mahir is not her son biologically. Bela asks Sumitra to keep Mahir out of his but she glides forward anyway to kill him.

A force stops Sumitra from going forward and she faints. Turns out Vish in poison. Bela tells her Sumitra really is and just then, Mahir regains his consciousness. Bela tells him that Vikrant derived her and nothing was her fault. She also tells him that she loves him and wants to leave with him. She is just about to tell him about that mother but Mahir fails to recognize both of them.

This is the full episode update of today. To know much more….. be with us……




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