Naagin 3 has come to an end. We see that Vish cries for Vikrant and he dies. She cries and remembers every moment with him. She asks Vikrant to wait for her as she will come soon. She leaves him there and runs. Bela runs and finds a temple. Mahir also roams there. Mahir falls down. As Bela approaches towards the temple, some goons come there and try to stop her. She says she has come there with a motive. They ask Bela to go back but she denies.

In Naagin 3 19th May 2019 written episode updates we will see that Bela will fight with those goons and kills them. They ask her to go. Bela becomes angry and a  new big snake comes there. Bela says she came here for a good cause and please let her go in. They say no we cannot let you go inside. Mahir falls and remembers moments with Bela. He remembers how they both were killed. Another snake hurts Bela and was about to kill her. He swallows Bela and Bela tries to get out of his body. Mahir feels some connection with Bela. He says that the girl knows my past.

He says I have to go right now.  Bela enters the mysterious temple and finds something. She prays and asks god to help me as she has to save the world as well as her family. Then she asks god to tell her to the way. God appears and tells her about the Mahanagrani Shivangi. She says I want to call the Mahanaagrani as I have to make the nagmani out of the curse. Then God takes her to the spot where she has to follow the rituals which can bring back the Mahanagrani


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