Naagin 3 is the much-loved supernatural theme TV show. We will see that many new twists will come up and this weekend Naagin 3 will come to an end. Bela also goes to the mysterious haveli and asks Lord Shiv to help her as she wants Mahir back and his health also should get good. She prays to lord that she also has to take revenge. She starts doing tandav and then we will see that Mahanagrani Shivangi will also come back. Bela will think that Mahanagrani has not come for her love’s revenge so why she will come for me. She dances but becomes faint.

In Naagin 3 18th May 2019 written episode updates many things are going to get spiced up. Shivangi will come back and will see that Bela is lying on the floor and asks her to get up as she has come to take her revenge. Whenever any true person will need her then she will surely come. Shivangi says I have come back to take revenge of my love. She also adds that because of naagmani, whom I loved killed me but now I have returned in order to take revenge. She helps her. Ritvik will also come along with Rocky. The fact was that Rocky killed Shivangi. Bela will remain in shock to see all this.

Shivangi and Bela will do tandav to please lord Shiv as Nagmani is now cursed and does not have any powers. Shiv will be pleased and he will bless Shivangi and Bela. Shivangi will kill Rocky as he killed. Then she will help Bela to kill Sumitra and everyone to take revenge as they killed her and Mahir. With this Naagin 3 will end and then we will wish that its next season should also come up as this is the most entertaining serial which everyone liked. For more updates of Naagin 3 stay tuned with us.


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