Naagin 3 is the most anticipated serial which comes on Colors. People wait for Sundays and Saturdays for the show to come on TV. The story of the serial revolves around Bela who is the Naagin or the protagonist in the show. Bela is fighting to save the naagmani and all the enemies are trying to stop her. Her husband Mihir is also a good person but they both meet with the problems and they die. But now in the leap, we see that the Bela and Mahir have taken birth again and they will be meeting after years in order to fulfill the work which is left in the previous life.

In Naagin 3, 11 May 2019 latest episode we will see that the Bela who is now Shravani will get the nightmare and as the pandit said that when she will get 25 then something big will happen in her life which will be a drastic change in her life. She gets to see the big snake in front of her bed and she gets shocked. Then Sharvani will wake up and her life will be totally different. She has lost her memory but now the time has come when she will remember everything, she will also accept that she is a nagin and now she will take revenge from everyone. Her parents get so scared and ask how is this possible. When her father looks into the eyes of Shravani. She comes as the naagin and her parents ask where is our daughter. She tells them that I am your daughter. Also, she will bring back the love of her life, Mihir.

Shravani will go to the Shiv temple and then reconcile the things. She will also tell her parents what is the truth. Shravani will go to the Mihir. Mihir is the eligible bachelor and his mother wants him to marry some good girl as soon as possible. She then find out Mihir and goes there. Sharvani comes in the nagin avatar and will try to make Mihir remember about their past life and how they loved each other so much. She will tell what all they are left to do.


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