Why was Muvhango Actor Tebatso Mash Arrested For Theft?: This news is about a famous Muvhango actor Tebatso Mashishi got arrested and this report is now becoming the trending news on the internet. People are searching for him and want to reason for his arrest. If you came to know the reason for the arrest you will be shocked. The allegations were made by his ex-girlfriend for theft. Let’s know the whole incident and whether the allegation by his girlfriend was right or wrong. Do you think the guy whose net worth is in the millions can theft? Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Muvhango Actor Arrested

Muvhango Actor Tebatso Mash Arrested

The flagship show in the SABC 2 which played Kgosi Mashishi is now caused by Dallisille the actress who registered a complaint to the Douglasdale Police Station for him as he took her laptop and phone with him from her flat the last week on Wednesday. As per reports, she was in a relationship with him for years but now she abandoned him. In an interview with Sunday World, she spoke that he came to his apartment to take his clothes to Randburg, as his clothes came in her suitcase mistakenly when they both lived at the same place in Parktown, north of Joburg and she called him to take his clothes back.

Why was Muvhango Actor Arrested?

She said he called her on Wednesday and asked her to come to take his clothes, but she said she is now shifted from Tembisa to Randburg and she also shared her location with him. He came to her apartment when she was going out to the gym. She then gave him the keys to her room and asked him to take his clothes from her wardrobe and left the keys outside. He agreed to that and when Dalisile returned to her room she didn’t find her laptop & her phone are not in the room.

She called him to inquire about her lost equipment and he declined her calls and at last, he blocked her. After that, she registered a complaint at the police station which was then transferred to the Fairland Police. She said that we all know that he has a lot of money to buy these things, but he did this to her because he want to take revenge on her as she dumped him. Though, a police officer said that he will be arrested for theft and he will be called to court soon. Fans are also upset with him as he did this. This step of him can result in his career.


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