Murder Case: What Happened To Wendy Trapaga? Dateline Husband Michel Escoto: It has been almost 20 years since Wendy Trapaga was found lying unresponsive on the ground at a parking yard in Miami-Dade, Florida but the cause of her death of Wendy Trapaga is still a mystery to many. Many people are still scrounging the article to find what actually happened to Wendy Trapaga. And now once again the murder case of Wendy Trapaga came into the limelight when The NBC Dateline show Mystery in South Beach covered Wendy Trapaga’s murder story. As per the source, The NBC Dateline show showed the murder case of Wendy Trapaga on 15th July 2022, Friday at 8 PM ET and 9 PM CT. Now viewers of the NBC Dateline have started searching for the story of Wendy Trapaga. This article will tell you who killed her and what was the reason behind the murder of Wendy Trapaga. So keep reading it and must take a look below. Follow More Updates On

Wendy Trapaga

What Happened To Wendy Trapaga?

According to the reports, Wendy Trapaga was a resident of Miami, Florida. However, her mom was the single guardian who raised her and her sibling as her father had died. Wendy Trapaga’s father passed away when she was just 6 years of age. Wendy Trapaga’s mother made her daughter a well-behaved girl who had a passion to pursue her career in fashion design and makeovers. Furthermore, Wendy Trapaga also enrolled at a beauty school.

Wendy Trapaga Dateline

But she had no prior instinct that her life would change completely after meeting a man named Michel Escoto. Reportedly, Wendy Trapaga and Michel Escoto met in 2002. Eventually, they started dating each other and later married each other on 10th October 2002.  It had become only a week of their marriage when Wendy Trapaga reported missing. Her husband called her mother and described Wendy Trapaga’s disappearance. Michel said to Wendy’s mother that she was not in contact with him for a long period.

Who Is Wendy Trapaga Husband Michel Escoto?

After someday, the corpse of Wendy Trapaga was found near a parking lot. When Wendy Trapaga’s body was found she was battered and strangled to death. When the investigation started the weapon used for killing Wendy Trapaga was also missing. Later it was found that Wendy Trapaga had an insurance policy for which her husband killed her. Michel Escoto was the killer of Wendy Trapaga and the motive behind the murder of Wendy Trapaga was clear and apparent. Michel Escoto was frugal for the $1 million that he was about to get from the life insurance company.

Wendy Trapaga


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