Munyaradzi Chauraya Video: Child Abuse Footage Surfaces On Twitter: A piece of news came recently for molesting this news has stunned people when they came to know about this news. This news is about the Munyaradzi Chauraya who is accused of molesting the daughter of his girlfriend who is just two years old. When people came to know about this news they started searching for this news and want to know the whole story. If you come here to know this news, you are in the right place. So, Let’s find detailed information on this news. Follow More Updates On

Munyaradzi Chauraya Video

Who Is Munyaradzi Chauraya?

This all starts with a video that got viral on Twitter. He is a Harare dealer though we don’t have much information about him. Her girlfriend Mai Tt watched that video and in that video, he is filming a video with her daughter and he is allowing her to touch his genitalia which is really a cheap thing because a two-year child doesn’t know what is right or wrong. Though she had registered a complaint about this case and police are doing their investigation to know more about the video. Let’s know what was his reaction after knowing these allegations were made against him.

Munyaradzi Chauraya Video

When he came to know about the allegations, he denied them and said that he is not in the video and social media claims that his mother is a traditional lover and he also thinks he is untouchable. People are getting angry after seeing that video and saying negative things about him. Some are in favor of him and say they are with him. Though he too reported to the police for damaging his reputation. Some photos came that he is arrested and people want to know whether he is arrested or not.

Is Munyaradzi Chauraya Arrested?

This news is fake as he is not arrested. On Monday, he came to the Harare Magistrates Court for the charges his girlfriend made against him for abusing her two-year-old daughter. Though he didn’t come in front of the magistrate as the case is returned to the police for more investigation and inquiries as he decline the allegation she made against him. This case is getting more complicated as both are giving different statements. We will come to know more about this news when the police have done more investigation and come up with a result. We will update you when we get more information on the same.


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