Internet is the witness of much shocking news. Once again here is a piece of shocking news for all the people that a stone baby was found in the belly of a 73-year-old woman. It is shocking for everyone and the news went viral over the internet. In this article, we will tell you the reaction of people that we found on social media. Here is the complete detail that you should know and we going to tell you about the woman also.

stone baby found in belly of old woman

The 73-year-old woman is from Skikda, Algeria who was found with a petrified stone baby in her womb. As per the reports, she has carried this stone baby for 35 years. This is the most shocking discovery that has been made by the medical facility in eastern Algerian city.

Mummified ‘Stone Baby’ Found in Belly of Old Woman

Now we want to tell you that how the whole thing appear and what was the cause behind the reveal of this stone baby. On the basis of details, the lady suffered abnormal body pain. However, she has lived a normal life for many years without ever feeling the presence of the calcified fetus inside her own body. but recently she feels there is something wrong.

It is reportedly found that it is not the first time when a woman is found with a calcified fetus called lithopedion that can stay inside a woman’s womb for years without any external effect. Talking about the stats and records of the case then we want to tell you that there are only 290 cases have been reported in the history related to lithopedion.

Comes to the size and weight of this calcified fetus then we want to tell you that it is around 4.5 lbs and was aged around 7 months. But the reports say she conceived the baby in 1981 but suffered a miscarriage. The news is shocking for all the people. As a result, the people who know about this news shared their reactions to this news.

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