A 44-years woman who was under severe depression after losing her husband due to COVID-19 allegedly committed suicide along with her 7-years old son on 23rd May. The woman who has identified as Reshma Trenchil jumped from her 12th floor rented house at the building in Nahare Amrit Shakti Residential complex in Chandivali. Reshma Trenchil lost her husband Sarat Mulukutla due to COVID-19. Sarat was a Chief Business officer for an online trading platform for agriculture commodities. Reshma left a suicide note and a case against her neighbor has been registered at Sakinaka Police Station.

Woman Jumps Off Building

According to the officials, the coupled shifted to the newly rented apartment on 10th April and they had a dispute with their neighbors. When the police interrogated the accused family, they said that they filed a complaint with the housing society as the couple’s son used to make unnecessary noise while playing. The accused family said that they were suffering from some serious health issues and they told everything to Reshma and Sarat. They requested the couple many times to asks their child not to make noise. Police have registered the case on the basis of the one-page note left by Reshma.

Sarat went to Varanasi UP in lockdown when his father was infected with COVID-19 and later died. While Sarat was looking after his parents he also got infected and died. Reshma was taking care of her son Garud and was staying in the same building. The neighbours asked Reshma many times to take Garud outside for playing. When Reshma didn’t control her son, the accused family filed a complaint against them that they were annoyed with Garudas he makes noise while playing. Reshma mentioned the name of the accused family in the suicide note and

also made allegations of mental harassment she was suffering from a few days. The police have registered the FIR on the suicide note written by the victim and started an investigation. The police said that Reshma was also suffering from depression after the sudden death of her husband. She was staying alone with his son Garud in the Amrit Shakti Residential complex in Chandivali. Further investigation will start by Sakinaka Police who is handling the case now. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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