Here we are sharing the shameful news that a Mumbai woman assaults a girl. It’s very hard to believe a woman can do this with a girl. These types of cases are increasing day by day. Because of such people, trust in humanity is being lost.  This woman is a blot in the name of faith. What about the girl who is tolerating these things. Many people take advantage of poor people’s obligations. This type of people is not able for the community. They deserve strict punishment. This lady is an example of animalism. we will give you all details in this article.


According to the report 25-year-old woman has been arrested by Versova police in Mumbai. She was assaulting and compelling a minor house help to remove her clothes. when she was dealy in the completion of work. As per the report, she assaulted a girl. 17 years old girl, The accused also the victim repeatedly with her sandals. According to the official report probably the crime took on Monday evening and went on till late at night. Due to delays in work, women started to torture and accuse the minor girl. Women forcefully removed her clothes and took nude pictures and videos.

According to the report, the heartless woman even assaulted the minor maid with her sandals. when the maid left the house she was in very bad condition. she was injured on her head. The minor maid was taken to a hospital where one of her relatives asked her about the injury. She narrated the whole crucible, after which an FIR was registered against the accused woman. Then the lady was arrested on 8 December.

According to the report, she has been under sections 326, 354(b), 504 of the Indian penal Code (IPC), and POCSO Act. also included in this. The woman is a frequent traveller between Delhi and Mumbai. According to a senior officer, She knows very well the girl was a minor, after that she hired her as a maid for domestic help. The woman is worst for the comunity. She behaved with a girl like an animal. She is the biggest blot on humanity. After this incident, we can say humanity is not being in some humans, this woman is an example of the disappearance of humanity. If we get any update regarding this, we will inform you first.


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