A piece of big news is coming from Mumbai where the Cyber Cell of Mumbai Police arrest 3 YouTubers who creating obscene and vulgar prank videos in public. The motive to arrest the 3 YouTubers who contain a number of followers are they would allegedly rope young girls to shoot the prank video and offer them money. They also include minor girls in many videos. In a video they touch a girl inappropriately in public which is not right. After the video comes in front of everyone then the Cyber Cell of Mumbai Police doesn’t accept the video in the sense of prank.

Mumbai Police Arrested 3 Youtubers For Vulgar Obscene Prank Video Check Channel Name & Details

Also, some of those girls filed complaints against them and the cyber cell takes huge action against those people who flourish vulgarity in public in the name of prank videos. The names of the YouTubers are Mukesh Fulchand Gupta, 29; Prince Kumar Raju Sao, 23; and Jitendra Baichetram Gupta, 25. The three accused doing the same thing, Mukesh is a local resident of Thane and the other two are residents of Kurar. Many people are appreciating the Cyber Cell for taking a huge step against those people who violate the rules in public by doing such cheap activities with girls.

After the arrest of the trio, Milind Bharambhe, joint commissioner of police (crime)Milind Bharambhe, joint commissioner of police (crime) said that “The accused Mukesh, who secured 98.5% in 2008 SSC exams, is the main brain behind the obscene prank video racket. The other two used to assist him. Mukesh and his two aides were running more than 17 YouTube channels and Facebook pages. The group has earned about 2 crores through these activities”. The group uploads almost 300 obscene prank videos which contain over 150 million views on various social media platforms. The channel has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube that view the videos of the three YouTubers.

The case becomes more important for Cyber Cell when the accused recover money from those girls after getting a threat to defame them, who request them to take their videos down from the internet. The Cyber Cell of Mumbai Police think about it and take big action against all the accused who did such cheap and worst activities with the girls in public. Joint Commissioner Bharambe appealed to all the citizens to keep their eyes on their children and stop them from doing these activities for some money. Now, it would be ethical for all YouTubers who run their channel to molest girls on the pretext of shooting prank videos. So, stick with us to get more information related to the current topics.


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