A massive fire broke out in Mumbai’s Avighna Part apartment on Friday morning around 12 noon. According to the Mumbai Fire Brigade services, it was a level 3 fire that broke out in the building of Curry Road in Mumbai. Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance, and other emergency services have been rushed to the spot to control the fire overbuilding.

fire breaks out

As per the reports, the massive fire broke out on the 19th floor of Avighna Park Apartment and maybe, the incident took place around 11:30 AM, later, the fire department reported a call around 12 noon and they rushed towards the building, said Mumbai Fire Brigade department.

Massive Fire Breaks Out at 60-Storey In Mumbai

Along with this, the department told that the fire was reported from the 19th floor of the residential building in South Mumbai’s Lalbaug area. It has been also reported that one person was also died after jumping from the 19th floor.

It is too upsetting to hear about the family and the family who lost their loving member. When the police and fire department reported an emergency call from the building’s security, several firefighting teams rushed to the spot to try to exhaust the blaze. The cause of the massive fire that broke out has not to be ascertained immediately.

Almost, 12 fire engines and water tankers rushed towards the building to control the fire and save the people who have stuck inside the building and couldn’t come out due to the fire. Many videos are surfing on the Internet of the fire and people are sharing this incident with others.

The actual cause of the fire broke has not been identified yet but fire officers and police are trying to find the main cause of the fire. Some of the building residences are believing that the fire broke out due to a short circuit in the building.

As per the reports, several people are trapped in the 60-storey highrise due to fear. With all of these, the traffic of Curry Road Bridge has been stopped for some time and the police have barricaded the area to stop the car and the people to enter the region. Also, Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar reached the spot.

The incident videos show the massive thick black smoke in the air and it is surfing all over the Internet. The announcement has no made by any political party. No more casualties have been found yet. Stay tuned with us, we will update you more about this incident.


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