Another heart-wrenching news has hit the internet that already shocked everyone to hear about it. Let us tell you that Maharashtra’s Thane district filed a charge sheet against 33 accused involved in the Dombivli gang-rape case. A 15 years old girl was raped by various men over a period of eight months earlier this year.

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The incident that happened with the girl was actually very painful and make anyone cry for the girl. She suffered a lot in eight months when all the men raped her several times. Whoever heard this news got goosebumps because how can anyone fall into such an extent, who keeps on sacrificing his lust for eight months with a 15-year-old girl.

Maharashtra Police Files Chargesheet Against 33 Accused in Dombivli

No one man is responsible here because 33 people are involved in the rape of that girl, out of which 4 boys are below 18 years of age. Let us tell you that a case has been registered in Manpada police station on 22nd September and proceedings are going on against all. The police official said on Friday “The charge sheet runs into 885 pages and the statements of 122 witnesses have been recorded to make the case watertight”.

Not only this but it is also stated that the minor girl was raped by them in different locations including Dombivli, Badlapur, Murbad, and Rabale. She was in prison for those people from 29th January 2021 to 22nd September 2021. Despite such a heinous crime, the government released four juveniles out of a total of 33 accused out on bail at present while 29 others are in judicial custody.

After hearing such a big incident, every Indian just wants that those 33 criminals should be hanged in the middle of the crossroads or they should be handed over to the crowd. Because this crime which they have committed with a 15-year-old girl is not forgivable, even if 4 minor youths are involved in those 33 men.

If the government has released those 4 minors on bail, then it has not done justice to that 15-year-old girl because these four minors were also fully involved in molesting her and this too deserves full punishment.


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