Recently, another shocking news coming that Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) has arrested two men. The motive to arrest both the men are they hold 7kg of uranium and highly explosive and radioactive material. If we talk about the worth of 7Kg Uranium then it cost Rs 21 crore. Also, it came in front that the accused used the uranium at a private lab to test the uranium. Now, the police are investigating the entire case and finding some more clues to clear the entire case. Now, the police arrest two men who containing this dangerous material of explosion.

Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) Has Arrested Two Men

So, let us tell you that Uranium is a highly explosive material if it goes into the wrong hands and also makes the entire scenario very horrific and deadly. Apart from this, if we talk about the complainant then he is an officer from Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) in Mumbai. After that police registered an FIR and further investigations are going on. The case registered under the Atomic Energy Act. The confirmed information was received by PI Bhalekar. He got the information that a person named Jigar Pandya was going to sell a piece of Uranium illegally.

To arrest Jigar Pandya, ATS trapped him and finally arrest him. After the inquiry, he tells that the pieces of Uranium were given to him by Abu Tahir who is a resident of Mankhurd. After getting the information and clues, Nagpada unit officers and staff reached the place at Mankhurd named Kurla scrap association. Where the officers arrested Abu Tahir and also the officials got the Uranium from the place. Now, the officials seized the entire Uranium caught by the place and were sent to BARC in Mumbai for analysis.

After the Uranium was sent to the BARC for testing then the report confirmed that the substance is Natural Uranium and also highly radioactive and dangerous to human life. So, the final incident that currently happened in Mumbai is that ATS arrested two men who contain Uranium of Rs. 21.30 crore. The investigation is going on and the police regularly trying to find some more clues and hints to get more information about the complete racket. It was actually appreciable and ATS was secure the entire residents from a very big attack by terrorists. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the incident.


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