Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s bodyguard Kumar Hegde is arrested on charges to ditch his girlfriend after promising to marry her. Kumar Hegde lives in Karnataka and Mumbai police have arrested him. His girlfriend accused that he raped her after promising to marry her and also took Rs.50,000/- before living in Mumbai. She has filed the FIR in Mumbai Police station against him. She stated that she agreed to him for a live-in-relationship as he committed to marrying her. She denied getting physical until their families accept the decision of marriage. She said that

Kangana Ranaut Bodyguard Kumar Hegde Arrested

it’s been 8 years that they both know each other and started dating after some time.  She accused that he forced her to get into a live-in relationship with him. Se refused several times but he convinced her saying that he will talk to her parents about marrying her soon. News has also published in PeepingMopn that Kumar Hegde occasionally visited his girlfriend’s flat where he forced her to get intimate. He got intimate with her many times and when she asked him about marriage he used to make excuses. He demanded money many times and she gave him

Rs.50,000/- recently when he was going to his hometown. She asked him the reason for the sudden visit to Karnataka but he didn’t make things clear. She called her mother where she came to know that he is going to marry another girl in the village. She revealed her relationship with Kumar Hegde and his mother warned her to stay away from her son as he is engaged to someone. She tried calling Kumar Hegde but he refused to talk to her. Then she when to the Mumbai police station where she filed the case of cheating against him. Police arrested him from his village in Karnataka. Police stated that he has tried to get benefits

from his girlfriend and cheated on her. He forced her to get physical and live-in-relationship. He lied to her and fled to his village in Karnatak where he can marry another girl. Kumar Hegde started ignoring his girlfriend’s calls and stated living in Heggadahalli that is his native village. He never disclosed his relationship with the girl in his family and agreed to marry a girl in Karnataka. The investigation will be started on this case and police insured her to serve justice. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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