There is breaking news appears in our knowledge that in Mumbai there was a major fire incident that happened last night. The fire incident has happened at the Covid-19 hospital on the third floor. Now on the basis of details which were collected by us. So far, a total of 10 people has found dead in the incident. As per the news, the hospital’s name has been found and it was Sunrise hospital Dreams Mall at Bhandup West, Mumbai.

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Later, after the incident hospital issued a statement saying that the happened casualties were due to Covid-19 and not the fire. Bodies have been evacuated for further procedure. The remaining actions have been started by seniors.

When the news of fire appears on Television and the internet it was spread that the deaths were due to hospital fire but later after the confirmation hospital. The statement has been cleared that the patients were dead in this case due to the Covid-19.

As per reports, the fire has been breaking out from a shop in a mall within a 100-200 sq meter area of Dreams Mall. The fire extinguishing work was under process till Friday morning from the several hours since it was started.

Hospital’s senior management still finding the cause behind this fire but there is no reason has been identified in the investigation. “The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. I’ve seen a hospital at the mall for the first time. Action will be taken. 70 patients, including Covid-infected ones, have been shifted to another hospital.”

DCP Prashant Kadam told to news media that there were two casualties have been identified in the fire and 76 patients have been admitted to Covid care hospital.

According to the reports, the fire was declared as Level 4 and 23 fire tenders had rushed to the Sunrise Hospital to rescue people who were caught in the fire. High-end measures have been taken by the warriors in this fire incident. The action has been performed till Friday morning. The situation is now under control and there are huge action is continuously taken by officers.


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