A woman was gang-raped in Mumbai by four men on Saturday, January 21, 2022. Rape or assault activities have been increasing in India on a big scale and once again, a woman has become a victim of this incident.

19-yr-old Woman Gangraped In Shivaji Nagar

As per the police reports, the incident took place at around 04:30 AM on Saturday, January 21, 2022. FIR has been filed in the police stations and they are hunting the culprits. Police have filed an FIR and detained two minors allegedly involved in the incident.

19-yr-old Woman Gangraped In Shivaji Nagar

Along with the detained two minor, two other men was involved in this incident, and police have begun their investigation and trying to search for them. As per the reports of police, the woman was working in a catering company and was going her home from her work and suddenly, a known person of her stopped her in the middle of her way.

He asked him why she was returning home so late. During this, another man asked her if she could accompany him. He took her into a room and also tried to misbehave with her at his place.

When the woman tried to raise an alarm to alert the around people about the crime, two other people joined the incident and gagged her and sexually assaulted her. After the incident took place, the culprits ran away from the spot. After this horrific incident, the woman reached to the nearby police stations and filed a complaint against those people.

After the investigations began, police checked out all the CCTV footage of the nearby area and by using the technical intelligence and the descriptions provided by the victim, they were managed to establish the identities of all those victims.

According to the latest reports, two minor has been arrested and two other men are fled. Police are trying to search and investigate the incident to know the cause behind this incident. In recent days, we have reported several rape cases in the country and as the days has been passing, the crime rate has been increasing in the country. Till now, the police also investigated the room where the incident took place and tried to locate to others accused of this case.

Well, the police did not disclose the identity of those people and the victim for security reasons. Police did not share more updates regarding to the incident and soon, it will be updated through our page.


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