So finally here is the massive TRP achiever reality show MTV Supermodel of the year which is coming today with marvelous thrill and exciting events. Yes, this time you will see the amazing situation in this reality show where you will see the most popular contestant of this show will be targeted by two other contestants. Yes, it looks exciting but it’s a reality and you going to watch it today when you will call the argument a Catfight.

MTV Supermodel of The Year Season 2 3rd October 2021

MTV Supermodel of the year show is known for its magical situations where the contestants will be competing based on their looks and appearance. In this show, you can see girls who are extremely beautiful and you can’t imagine how much they are looking well.

MTV Supermodel of The Year Season 2 Elimination

This beauty competition makes you feel exciting you can’t hold yourself to watch the show on a daily basis. You can watch the show on Mx Player which is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay any amount.

In this episode you will see all the girls find a CD after that they will decide to play a game. When they playing this game they decide to put the chits of questions. The first initial question is about who has the weirdest habit in this house. Then immediately call the girls start speaking Jay Shree’s name. Later they starts to reveal the name of other girls related to other weird questions.

Now talking about the most interesting moment and when the contestants will eliminate. So here we want to explore the details that you will see the eliminations round will start in the mid of this episode. But there is a surprise for all the contestants and as well as the audience also. Yes, the show makers have revealed that there is a thrill of the Double Elimination round which will eliminate two participate on the same day.

Most probably you will see there will be two contestants who have to go their home on the same date and the journey will be stopped. It looking so sad but it will make the competition tougher where the contestant has to perform far better than the expectations.


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