Welcome back to know the fresh written update of the most prominent and loved dating reality show, MTV Splitsvilla X3. As all of us know that the show is highly anticipated and cherish the entire environment by introducing some exceptional episodes. The reality show already telecasted many episodes and engage millions of viewers to continuously watch the upcoming episodes as well.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Season 13 31st July 2021

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Today Episode

From the beginning, the TRP of the show touches the peak, and millions of people regularly watching all the mesmerizing episodes. Along with it, the contestants of the show who always making every single moment very astonishing and entertaining for the viewers are very talented.

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Every time, whenever the new episode will be going to hit the television screens, the madness and craze among the fans to watch the upcoming tasks and crispy moments of the episode are very high. As all of us know that any episode of MTV Splitsvilla 13 will never go simple or without any ugly and enthralling fight between contestants.

Along with it, the outstanding fights that the host of the show gives to all the contestants put four moons on every episode. The show already found three ideal matches of the season and the search for the fourth ideal match is on the way and everyone is eager to know more about the moments of the episode.

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MTV Splitsvilla X3 31st July 2021 Hd Video

So, if we reveal some details of the forthcoming episode of India’s most popular dating reality show MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 then viewers will be going to see the Golden Connection Challenge. Now, the challenge will include four sensational couples Nikita-Samarthya, Shivam-Pallak, Aarushi-Trevon, and Dhruv-Sapna. Same as every task, the craze, and enthusiasm among the contenders to win the task is very high.

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Along with the interesting challenge, the dumping session also comes in the upcoming episode and no one wants to face it. Thus, all the contestants who will play the task put their full efforts to win the challenge or show their extreme performance to everyone.

Not only this, but a promo of the Dating Reality Show MTV Splitsvilla X3 which is shared by the makers clearly shows that the best friends of the Villa, Pallak and Bhoomika Vasisth getting into a heated argument. The argument stated that Pallak playing sympathy cards from the point of view of Bhoomika.

Later, it turns into a very ugly and heated argument that makes the entire environment highly anticipated to watch. In her defense, she asked all the contestants to vote her out or do anything except accusing that she is playing a sympathy card because she is not like this.

Today’s Episode Of MTV Splitsvilla Bhoomika Express Her Feelings

On the other hand, the show also increases the excitement among the fans with the help of the moment that will be created by Bhoomika. So, Bhoomika will be going to express her feelings for Nikhil Malik who is Pallak’s connection in the show. After Bhoomika reveals the truth, Shivam also agreed to become the connection of Pallak.

After hearing this, from Bhoomika and Shivam, Nikhil will express his disappointment. Talking to the Golden Connection Challenge, the winner of the task will become who show their exceptional performance and spirit to win the task or win it.

Golden Connection Challenge Winners Name

The names who will grab the title of the Golden Connection Challenge are Sapna Malik and Dhruv Malik along with Shivam Sharma and Pallak Yadav. So, these two gangs of MTV Splitsvilla X3 emerged as the winners of the task and also heated up the entire environment with their fabulous performance.

Not only this, but these two gangs also emerged into an immense clash regarding their entry into the Golden Villa. Apart from this, it is also expected that the winning pairs will get a chance to face the oracle and test their luck. Along with it, the expectations also said that either they both or a single pair will become the next Ideal Match of the dating reality show.

Currently, the Dating Reality show already gets three Ideal Matches in which Kevin and Kat, Aditi and Jay, and Nikita and Samarthya are included. The upcoming task will also affect the elimination round of the show that will be going to happen this week. So far, eight contestants of the show have already got evicted in which Gary Lu and Avantika are the most recent names on the eviction list.

The ensuing episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3 will be going to boost the engagement of the audience as the reality show always brings heat among the fans. The show will be airing on MTV India every Saturday at 7 PM. Otherwise, stay connected with us to get a fresh written update of reality shows.


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