MTV Splitsvilla X3 or Season 13 is considered to be the best Indian Dating Reality show. The show is much loved by youngsters and the 30th episode of the reality show will be going to air tonight. The upcoming episode of the reality show will be very precious for the fans because the semi-finalists of this season will be announced by the makers.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 25th september 2021

It is confirmed that the episode of the reality show airing on 25th September 2021 will be spectacular where all the contestants will showing their best to secure their position on the Semi-Finalists. The show is continuously going to its Grand Finale and the fans are eagerly waiting to know the name of the winner of this season.

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MTV Splitsvilla X3 Elimination

The madness among the fans to watch the upcoming episode is very high because the contestants who remaining in the show are just trying to give their best performance. No one wants to get eliminate or evict from the show after reaching so far in this season.

Every week, the makers coming with some fantastic tasks in which viewers expecting from their favorite contestant to perform very well. Now, it is a time come when one participant or couple will grab the title of the entire season by impressing more audience.

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MTV Splitsvilla X3 Today Task

Talking about the upcoming MTV Splitsvilla X3 Task then it will be going to be very tough for all the contestants. In the upcoming episode, you will see that the task will have two sets, a tug of battle-like task that will be fought with exceptional courage.

The four pairs reaching the semi-finals will compete with each other in the second task to show who deserves the place in the list. The task that will be going to happen in the upcoming episode is totally gamechanging. The episode will be fully energetic and power-packed in which all the participants giving their best.

The task is being said that Archery-related task will take place in the show. The contestants who will perform in the forthcoming task are Dhruv and Sapna, Pallak and Shivam, Jay and Aditi. As per the sources, Dhruv and Sapna will perform the task against eliminations.

Talking about the winner of the task, Pallak and Shivam will win the first task easily and they both impress everyone by showing their toughest and brilliant performance. The upcoming episode will be actually highly anticipated in which the makers will be showing something exceptional to all the fans.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Semi-Finalists

Talking about the second task then Jay and Aditi will win the second task. Let us tell you that the second task will be tougher than first task. If we talk about the names of the semi-finalists hen MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 Semi-Finalists are given below.

  • Jay and Aditi
  • Piyush and Avantika
  • Sapna and Dhruv
  • Nikhil and pallak

As per the sources, the elimination will take place in the ensuing match. The show will be actually very fantastic in which all the contestants who remaining to fight to reach in the list of the finalists. The elimination that will be going to take place in the show and everyone will surely shocked after knowing the names of the contestants who will be going to leave the show tonight. The name of the participants who will appear last time in the show are Sapna and Dhruv.

Let us also tell you that they both will not get entry to the Wild Villa. On the other hand, if we pay attention to the finalist then Boombam Gang dominate the entire life and showing that they are actually very toughest contenders of the reality show. So, MTV Splitsvilla X3 semi-finale task winner name will also stuns many people because Pallak and Shivam will get the title of the winner.

Along with them, Adity and Jay will become other semi-finalists of the show in the ongoing season. These are the candidates who will now clash with each other in the grand finale episode to win the show.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Winner Name

If we reveal the name of the winner of semi-finale then Shivam and Pallak, Jay and Aditi are the contestants who will grab the title in the Semi-Finale task. Talking about The Grand Finale of Splitsvilla X3 then it will be airing next week only on MTV India.

The popularity of every contestant is very high but still one couple holding massive prominence and support from the audience. The assumptions are clearly saying that MTV Splitsvilla X3 Grand Finale Winner Names are Jay and Aditi. From the beginning, the show actually engaging millions of viewers to watch the full episode. Now, the Grand Finale of India’s Best Dating Reality show also making everyone curious to watch the full episode of the show.


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