Here, we are back with another enthralling and most anticipating television show named MTV Splitsvilla X3. Everyone knows that the show containing such a huge fanbase across the country and a very huge amount of young people loving the concept of the show. Many amazing things have already happened in the previous episodes of the reality show and now the makers will be going to introduce another mind-blowing and brilliant episode to entertain the fans. In the last episode, MTV Splitsvilla X3 got the first ideal match of the season named Kevin Almasifar and Kat Kristian. In the task, they both defeat Jay and Aditi to won the title.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 30th april 2021

If we talk about the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3 then it starts with Silver Connection Task. In the task, the girls convert into the love birds whose name will be “Painter Panchis” will paint boy’s bodies. In between the task, the aggression comes automatically because girls get aggressive without thinking that boys will hurt with this kind of behavior. The promos of the show already hit the internet and everyone waiting to watch the full episode after watching such great suspense created by the makers in the promos.

If we talk about the recent promos of the show released by the makers then it clearly showing that Nikhil Malik, Jai Dudhane, and Shivan Sharma are complaining about girls. Because the behavior of the girls is not appropriate and also Azma Fallah and Shweta Nair will send outside from the show. The motive to sent them outside is few things go wrong in the show and creating bad stuff that makes the situation for the makers to take such a hard decision. Now, only a few contestants remain in the show to make it very brilliant and superb for the audience who love to watch it.

The names of the contestants who still competing in the show are Kevin Almasifar, Kat Kristian, Samruddhi Jadhav, Vyomesh Koul, Gary Lu, Chib, Dhruv Malik, Nikhil Malik, Shiva Sharma, Samarth Gupta, Riya Kishanchandani, Aditi Rajput, and Nikita Bhamidipati. The promos of the show clearly show that the episode will be going to increase the enthusiasm among viewers and fans. If you want to watch MTV Splitsvilla X3 then it will be going to air on MTV India every Saturday at 7 PM. So, stay tuned with us to know more information related to reality shows because we know that many people searching for reality shows.


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