Now, again the weekend hit, and one of the most entertaining and reputed shows named MTV Splitsvilla X3 is all set to entertain its all fans. Everyone knows that the reality dating show always provides many genuine and amusing episodes that totally stunned all the viewers. The contestants who participated in the show are also very superb who completely give their fabulous performance to impress the entire audience. As the week goes on, the reality show MTV Splitsvilla X3 becomes more popular and anticipating. The TRP of the show regularly increasing with its high speed. From the beginning the show containing huge applause from the audience because of crispy disputes that happened in many episodes.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Today Episode 24th April 2021 hd Video

Every weekend, the show air one episode that collects lots of love and appreciation from the audience. If we talk about today’s episode of MTV Splitsvilla X3 then it will feature a very beautiful and lovely couple named Kevin Almasifar and Kat Kristian. Now, the 8th week of the show coming with the ideal match of the show because from the beginning no one can get the title of Ideal Match. The host of the show Ranvijay Singh and Sunny Leone gives another interesting task to all the contestants to make the show more important for the viewers.

The name of the task provided by the host is “Dil Badlu” which will be a part of the Golden Opportunity Challenge. At the end of the task, the host of the show announces Kat and Kevin as the winner of the task. After choosing the winner of the task, the host gives a chance to visit the oracle and know the destiny of their connection. Later, the oracle takes its time and creates very interesting suspense in the show. Finally, the show gets its ideal match, Kat and Kevin. During the dome session, an ugly fight will between Vyomesh Koul, jay Dhudhane, and Shivam Sharma.

The fight between the contestants becomes more ugly when Vyomesh threatens other contestants to get them out from the thirteenth season of the reality show. After hearing the threat from Vyomesh, Jay and Shivam also didn’t stay quiet for more time and they also involved properly in the fight. Every fight that happened in the show entertaining all the fans a lot. Now, MTV Splitsvilla X3 will be the perfect pack of entertainment for all people. The show airing on MTV India every Saturday at 7 pm. If you want to watch it then you just need to stay on the channel at 7 PM. Here, we also update all the details that you want to know related to the show.


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