Roadies have become the demand of the day hence the fame of the show is being increased the socially and practically too. Where in this season there are ex roadies contestants are also participating in it as well as new. Hence this season of the show is being watched in a number on Voot as well as on MTV.

mtv roadies
mtv roadies

In the upcoming episode of the show, everyone is fighting for Immunity so that they can protect themself from the elimination. The co-host is elaborating on the task with the name “Barrel Ki Barfi” where a buddy pair have to swim under the water and collect a key for the barrel ad later first buddy pair has finished their work and another buddy pair has to unlock the lock which will be on the barrel and next barrel have to pull while rolling the barrel until the farm comes.

MTV Roadies 12th June 2022

First, the buddy pairs have to collect grapes one by one and another buddy pair have to carry the barrel at the finishing time of that task is all about. The time will be recorded and as per the performance, the participants will get an Immunity or not and who will be on the elimination list.

Aarushi and Sakshi are not selected by both team and they were a little surprised by both teams. They both are on the top of the elimination list. Aarushi and Sakshi were hurt not they can be eliminated if they did not get a chance to perform the task.

Aashish Bhatia and Nandu both won the Immunity after the performance. All the participants have put all the eggs in one basket to win the task and try to save themself from the eliminations. After the performance, all the contestants are seeking to know the result, where Sonu Sood is standing with the result of the task “Barrel ki Barfi.”

Every individual is not able to hold their horses, Once he announces the result of the task, he says to them that with the disadvantage of 10 seconds even though the buddy pair who wins this task is Ashish Bhatia and Nandu. After knowing the result they started to dance and feel happy. Later they passed the statement that now ball is in their court now who has the guts to eliminate them and smile. Do not forget to watch this episode on MTV and anytime on the Voot.


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