So here in this Article, we are briefing about one of the top Reality Show on the MTV channel which is the Roadies Revolution. This time so many things are change in this roadies revolution like still the contestant doesn’t have any leader but they did their two tasks and win. In this roadies revolution, the purpose of the show is that helping the needy person and also start doing some good invention. Like, start helping the orphanage, teaching the poor children, start learning the self-defense for women. So this show is impressive and effective for the youngster and help for the society as well as.

MTV Rodies Revolution 15th August 2020

Till now there is 20 contestants are selected and they did one task in which there is four-team available and give their best, the first winning team wins the immunity, and they have a choice to choose the temporary leader for donating the winning price to Vijayender Pandey who is the honor of the organization Divya Prem Seva Mission. Which is very helpful for everyone.

MTV Roadies Revolution 15th August 2020

In this season in roadies, there are 5 judges Rannvijay Singh, Nikhil Chinappa, Neha Dupia, Rafttar, and Prince Narula. In the upcoming episode of roadies, we will watch that out of 20 contestants there is one team will be created of Raftaar in which 5 contestants in a team. After selecting the team the contestant will perform the task and the leader will also perform the task with their team.

In the next episode, we will see the first vote out of this season and Sakib will be vote out which is a very shocking vote out for everyone. Sakib is very disappointed with this decision he said in their interview that he is strong that is why everyone wants to eliminate him. He belongs from Kashmir and he wanted to explain to everyone that Kashmiri is also a human they are not terrorists. They want to change the mentality of the people. In this season there is one contestant whose gender is homosexual the name of the contest is Sanjay. Sohail Singh and Jhuti want to know the Sanjay’s thoughts, Sanjay is a fashion Designer and he wants to stand for their community in the society.

There is also a twist that we know in the roadies everything is happening so, the winning team has lost one immunity. which is very shocking for the winning team. The contestant did there Yoga skills and impress the leaders. watch all new journey episodes of Roadies Revolution On MTV every Saturday, at 7 PM on MTV India and anytime on Voot. for more written updates on Roadies Revolution stay tuned with Upto Brain.


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