A very prominent and famous television reality show named MTV Roadies Season 18 airing on MTV India. The show containing various tasks in which all the contestants have to show their physical, mental, social strength. As always, the show containing a very huge colossal fanbase in Indian youth and also considered as one of the highest TRP shows. Many fans are waiting to watch the latest episodes of the show and here we are explaining the big twist of the latest episode of MTV Roadies. All the fans were already very happy after watching the last episode and performance of the contestants.

MTV Roadies Revolution Surprise Vote Out & Twist

The last episode of Roadies gives a very genuine kind of experience to the audience because Arushi Chawla and Sanjay Negi battled it out to become an alone survivor of the task. The task was the very adventurous named ‘The Drone Survivor’. But, in the end, Sanjay won the dance that results in the eviction of Arushi. The eviction was very upsetting for those people who like Arushi and her performance. Later, the show takes a very huge and big turn with a crispy and interesting turn. Regularly many people watch the episodes of MTV Roadies Season 18. The reality show always comes on top to entertain the viewers.

After the fiery-elimination, all the contestants will again be caught by the host of the show Rannvijay Singha. When all the contestants gather in front of the host then he announced another surprise vote out session. With eviction, the voting session also gives an opportunity to the contestant in which they can choose their favorite gang leaders team. So, if the contestant safe from the voting then they can go to their favorite team to play the remaining game. All the contestants are playing very well but the new twists were given another tension to all the contestants.

Currently, Prince Narula has Akash Verma and Apoorva Gole. Varun Sood has Jayant and Nisha. Neha Dhupia has Sanjay while Nikhil Chinapa has Micheal Ajay. All the team leaders have their teammates in which one winner of the show also hidden. Now, the best part of the show to watch is how all the contestants handle the situation and voting session. The last episode ended up after Rannvijay Singha tell everyone about the voting session. So, the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies Season 18 will more interesting and entertaining. All the fans are eagerly waiting to watch the ensuing episode. So, stay tuned with us because we will give all the updates of the episode.


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