One of the Best Reality Indian Show MTV Roadies for Indian, Mostly Youngster prefer to Watch the Show and get Inspired by their Idol and Respective Favorite contestants, MTV Roadies Makers Never Skipping any Chance to entertain the audience, One More MTV Roadies New episode has been released On MTV at 7 PM, But Before Telecaste We will Updates you with the Major Plot of The Today’s Episode, Read This article till the ends and gets all the information about Today’s episode Double Vote Out Contatsnts.

MTV Roadies Revolution

MTV Roadies Revolution 24th October 2020 Written Update

In the last episode, we saw two Teams fighting for Immunity Team Underdogs and Team Favourites, The Team Members are Healy Try to get Immune themselves But Ranvijay Giving back to back new Twist which is surprising for Everyone, In the last Task Team Favourites Win the Task and They can Snitch the 3 Immunity from Team Underdogs, In Today’s episode you will see it.

The Last Task happens In Between Team Underdogs and Team Favourites they 3 Member from Each them Performed, all of the contestants from both Team Performed Like a Pro and get praised by Gang Mamers and Roadies Rest of the contestants, Specialty Hamid Performed Very Well In the Task.

Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Varun Sood, Nikhil Applause For Hamid Performance Because Hamid was Never Give Up In the Task they are Happy to see his Sportsman Spirit, Hamid was Fall Down Many Times Behind the ATV task But he didn’t Give up and he rolled himself many times But In the end, his Foot Slipped and he falls down and Out from the Task But He Proved Himself In the eyes of Gang Leaders and Earned More Respect from his Enemies On the Roadies.

On the Other Hand, Favourites Team Hero Akash also get Applause from Gang Leaders Because He Performed Very Excellent in the ATV Task and Exploded 9 POT, Which is Not Easy for Everyone his Gang Leader Very Happy with him, and also Neha Dhupia Praised Him and Slammed Kavin for his Poor Performance, But Michael Performance was Very Perfect and Good But Nobody Talk about.

In Today’s Episode Roadies Journey Starts again to Gearing Up for Rewalsar Town in Himachal Pradesh and On the Way will Stop in a Village Named Garli Near Himachal Pradesh, All the Roadies Contatsnts Ready For It and Packed Their Bangs and Starts Their Journey Once Again On Bikes, They Trevved Whole Night On Bike and Reached Garli In Their Tents In the Morning, They all are Tired and Need Rest But Ranvijay Give More Twist Which is Surprise Vote Out.

MTV Roadies 24th October 2020 – Double Elimination Vote Out Contestants

After Listen Surprise Vote Out all Roadies become Shocked and also Gang Leaders Shocked, This Time Roadies gets Time for Planning Plotting For Vote Out, This Time Ranvijay also Announced Double Vote Out will be Happens, It’s Sure 2 Roadies Contatsnts are Going Home Today, Gang Leader Pitching Contatsnts to Not Vote Out His favorites Roadies.

Prince Narula Piched all the Roadies It’s Seems Like he is threshing all of the Roadies contestants, Prince Narula says If anybody Out my favorites Then He will See them, On this Arushi Chawla Become Vocal and Give Back to Him, She Says What do Means By If anybody Out my favorites Then He will See them It’s Clear threat, On this Point, Prince Says What is That When You and Kavin threatening all the Roadies Contatsnts, Arushi Chawla says We are Contastats and Competing for Each Other and you are Gang Leader That’s the Difference.

Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia also Arguing with Each Other Because Prince Narula threatening Everyone, Neha Dhupia also slammed Prince Narula and Give Him Back to Back Replies, Prince Narula become Very Angry and Handling all of them In a Single handily, Let’s see what will Happens In the ends.

According to the Sources, Today Will be Double Elimination for Surely and Two Contestants are Going To Home Today and Kavin and Srishti Become Victim of the Today’s Episode Vote Out, Yes We Conformed Kavin and Srishti Vote Out From Roadies contestants, Don’t Forget to Watch Episode on MTV 7 PM and Stay Connected with Us!


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