Welcome Guys, One More Time We Come with Today’s MTV Roadies Revolution New Episode 7th November 2020, Most of People’s Might Be curios About Who Win the Immunity Task Which will Going to Happens In Today’s Episode, So Read This article Till the Ends you will get the all of your answers, Basically we are talking about in the Article What Will Happens In the episode, Why Arushi Chawla Blast On Prathibha and Upcoming Task, and New Twist and Turns, Without Prince Narula MTV Roadies Revolution Losing The Spark of Roadies But with the Ranvijay New Twist and Turns Nobody Paying any Attention of This Matter, But Netizens can’t Ignore it and continuously Trending Prince Narula On Social Media.

MTV Roadies Revolution 7th November 2020
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MTV Roadies Revolution 7th November 2020 Written Update

After the 6 Month, MTV Roadies Shooting resume with a lot of challenges of Covid-19 Guidelines and Precations, Ranvijay and Other Gang Leaders are Very Happy Back To On Work and Contestants also comes with Fresh Energy and Ideas, Planning, Plotting, Everybody Knows the Game of Each Other, So Obiasaly They will don’t want to lose any kind of opportunity to Highlight, In The Last Episode Shrey Kalra The Live Audience Winner Join the Roadies and She Make’s Sure On his first day She is So Strong and Much Matter they Others Roadies, Tarandeep Welcomed her with One-Liner On this she Replied with her Savage way and Shut the Mouth of Tarandeep and Everybody Become Woah!

The Last Task of MTV Roadies “Roadies Premier Leauge” Happens Very Interesting and Interesting Nikhil Chinnapa Team Win the Task With the Time of 3 Minutes 45 Second, On the Other Hand, Neha Team Gives Tuff Fight and Secure the Second Position with the 4 Minutes 32 Seconds, The Team Nikhil Members Micheal Ajay, Shreya Kalra, Aman Poddar, and Hamid Barkazi Performed Very Well and Prove Themselves One More Time, The Underdog Hamid Barkazi consistently Performing Task Like a Pro.

MTV Roadies 7th November 2020 – The Immunity Task

Nikhil Team Win the Task But didn’t win Immunity, They Have to Fight One More Time to Win the Immunity, Ranvijay comes with another Twist Winner Team Members have to Choose One opposite Member to Whom they want to Challange them from the Losing team, In this Task Winner, will Get the Immunity and Directly Immune, Winner Team Become Shocked and Losing teams have One more Chance to Win the Immunity if Winner Team Members Challenge them, On this Point Nikhil Chinnapa interrupt, he warns the Micheal, Shreya, Aman, and Hamid Choose Wisely and Choose Your Tuff competitions, The competitions have to Interesting Neck to Nack If you choose low competitions then you seems Like Fools.

MTV Roadies 7th November – Immunity Task Winner

Ranvijay Announced the Immunity Task In this Task 2 Contestants will Fight with Each Other With a Stick From This Stick They Have to Brake the Light on Each Other Jackets, Each Contatsnts have 3 Light On Jacket and They Have to Protect the Light and at the same time have to Break Opposite Member Lights, Ranvijay didn’t Finish it he comes with another Twist on this, Gang Leaders Can BID on Roadies Just Like Who will Win the Task Between Two of them, They have to put one his Star to Win Or Lose the Bet, If they win the Bet then they will get one more Star and If you Lose then Ranvijay takes his Star.

Here the list of Roadies Who’s Challenge Them to Whom and the Winner of Immunity Task Here Below:

The Immunity Task Challange

  • Hamid Barkazi Challange Vipin Kumar
  • Micheal Ajay Challange Jayant Yadav
  • Shreya Kalra Challange Poonam
  • Aman Poddar Challange Tarandeep

Hamid Barkazi Beat Vipin Kumar and Win the Immunity For This Week, Shreya Kalra also Win the Immunity Task to Beat Poonam don’t forget the Immune Episode of Roadies Revolution On MTV at 7 PM

Gang Leaders Stars Updates

  • Nikhil Chinnapa: 3 Stars
  • Varun Sood: 2 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia: 1 Star


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