The Youth Favoritos Show “MTV Roadies Revolution” Broked all the Begining Records and Set New Bench Mark In the TRP list, MTV Roadies Revolution Viewership Growing Day by day Because of High Voltage Drama and Twist and Turns In the Show, Audience are Loving the Ranvijay Show, Once again One More MTV Roadies New Episode On the was with full of Immunes Turns.

MTV Roadies Revolution 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Arushi Chawla Team Winner!

According to the last Vote, Out The Contestants Arushi Chawla and Apoorva Gola Have Been Eliminated, Ranvijay Ask to Everyone to This time they are Going to Double Eviction So Choose Wisely, Most of the Contestants Voted against Apoorva Gola and Arushi Chawla, This rivalry taking another level because of doesn’t Like Each Other.

Arushi Chawla and Apoorva Gola fought Many times On MTV Roadies, so Ranvijay also Know’s the They Both are Limelight of the Show and they Ranvijay Gives Once More Chance to Survive in the MTV Roadies, One Task will be happening in Between Arushi Chawla and Apoorva Gola, Along with the Wildcard Contestants.

The Four Contestants take Entry MTV Roadies In the Last Episode, Bhawish, Prakhar, Poonam, Taniya Husain, they all are selected in battleground But didn’t get the opportunity to be a Roadies, so here one more chance for them they can prove themselves once more time.

Bhawish Madaan belongs to Amritsar, Punjab and he is a pharmacist and martial artist too, he is Seven-time State Champion, two times National Champion, and four-time north zone Champion in martial arts, he comes with his motto Fit India Hit India, he is already showing his skills in the battleground.

Taniya Hussain 20 years old Girl on Roadies Belongs to Gazitabad, she also seen in PI Delhi Auditions. Taniya Husan One of the dumpiest girl ever according to he Roadies contestants because she didn’t know WIFI and ISRO full form Questions ask by Gang Leaders During the Auditions, But She is Funny Girls and Come with some Positive Energy.

Prakhar Narayan 24 years old doctor Belongs to Lucknow, he introduces himself, he doing 3 work in one day, he also has seen in PI Chandigarh Auditions, He doctor In the Morning, Model, Actor in the Evening, and Musician by the Night, he impressed gang Leaders two time but Finally, he gets once more chance to prove himself.

Poonam Shah 22 years old Girl from Mumbai, Maharastra, She is a Founding Member of the Community Which Called ‘Beach Please!’ They Clean the beaches In Mumbai Every Week and they tackle the problems related to plastic pollutions.

MTV Roadies 3 October 2020 Arushi Chawla vs Apporva Gola Task Winner

Ranvijay Introduce the Survivor Task Between Arushi Chawla vs Apoorva Gola team Ranvijay Divided Wildcard Contastnts In the  Arushi Chawla and Apoorva Gola Team, According to the Ranvijay The Task has been Divided Into 3 Parts On the First Stage Physical Strenght Task, Second Stage GK Knowledge, the Last Stage Dedication and Presence of Mind.

Arushi Chawla Team

  • Prakhar Narayan
  • Poonam Shah

Apoorva Gola Team

  • Bhawish Madaan
  • Taniya Hussain

According to our sources Arushi Chawla Team Winner of the Task, Because they Perform Very Commendable Against the Opposite Team, Prakhar Narayan shows his Strenght and Poonam Shah Prove Themselves In the Gk Knowledge Stage and Arushi Chawla Once Again Show his dedication and Presence of mind, once again she proves she is winning material.

On the Other hand, Apoorva Gola Team Trying will But didn’t win the task, Bhawish Madaan didn’t prove himself in the strength task, and second GK stage Taniya Hussain who also failed to impress everyone, because if you don’t even know about WIFi and ISRO full form so how can you deal with the Hard Question, Apoorva Gola trying hard to win the task but her team didn’t help it.

According to the Ranvijay Winner team will be going back on roadies and the Looser Team will Be Directly Eliminate, so here is Pretty much clear Apoorva Gola, Bhawish Madaan, Taniya Hussain Eliminated But Ranvijay Give Once More Twist it’s Depended on Gang Leader.

Gang Leader Can safe Eliminated Contestants But They have to sacrifice his one star, Prince Narula didn’t want to Apoorva Gola Out of the Show, he also scolded the Akash Milan Because of he Vote against her, Prince Narula admits himself he didn’t want Apoorva Gola Vote Out, Prince Narula has 3 Stars, Nikhil and Varun Have 2-2 Starts and One Star have Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula have most starts So Prince Narula can sacrifice his one-star Stay tuned with us!


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