Hello Guys, Welcome To Another Article of MTV Roadies Revolution New Episode we are going to updates you about MTV Roadies 2 January 2021 episode, After the Lockdown MTV Roadies Revolution Show consistently becoming In Limelight and MTV Roadies Makers Engaging with Audiences Like Never Before, In The history of MTV Roadies, This Season is the Most Watchable Season from among of Them, It’s Completely Hard Word Of The Face of the Show Ranvijay, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Varun Sood, Raftaar, Varun Sood, and The All Contestants of Roadies And Most Important Makers of the Show, The Youth Most Popular Show Getting Viral Day By Day, We are Going to Updates you In the Article About Vote Out, and Semi Finish Contestants and Winner of the Task.

MTV Roadies Revolution 2nd January 2021 Episode: Double Vote Out Contestants Name, Ticket to Finale Task Winner Updates!

MTV Roadies Revolution 2 January 2021 New Episode

In The Last Episode, we saw the Immunity Task and Gang Leaders Makes Alliance with Each Other, Neha Dhupia Pitched Prince Narula for Alliance and He Agreed with Neha Dhupia Offer and On the Other hand Varun Sood and Nikhil Alliance Together, Nikhil Want to Perform with Prince Narula But Neha Dhupia Firstly Convesed him to Perform with her Team, So It’s Prince Narula Team and Neha Dhupia Team Vs Varun & Nikhil Team, The Task Has Been Divided Into 3 Stages as Usual Contestants have to use their physical Strength In the Task to Win the Task along with Brain, Firstly Prince Narula and Neha Team Performed. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Live Audition Online Ranvijay Sunny Leone Live With Kevin Almasifar

During the Task, Prince Narula Lashed at Aman Because In the Task Prince Narula Try to solve the Query Prince Narula Try to Explain a Bollywood Movie Name with Different-Different Sign and Prince Show Round Sigh and Money Sigh The Movie Name Was Golmaall, Everyone Understand it But Aman didn’t Understand and spoiled the Whole Task In the Task Prince and Neha Decided to do the task With Tukka and Face to Panalities In the Task But They have to Finish the Task, On the Other Hand, Nikhil and Varun Team Members Do the Whole Task So Smoothly, On More time Jayant and Hamid Proved Themselves they are Good Performers After the Task Ranvijay Announces the Results In the Task Prince Narula & Neha Team Does 9 Penalties and Nikhil and Varun Team 4 Penalties, The Final Time of Prince and Neha Team is 14 Min 9 Sec and Varun and Nikhil Team Final Time is 9 Min 51 Sec, Varun and Nikhil Win the task with huge margin But they Win 3 Immunity It’s Seems so Interesting Whom will they 3 Immunity In 2 Gangs Members. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Confirmed Contestants List Start Date Host Judges Schedule & Broadcasting Details

After the Task Ranvijay Starts to Vote Out Session, In the Begining, he Mentioned About Vote Out After the Task, The Winning Team Nikhil Gang and Varun Team are Safe for the Vote Out, The Loosing Team Prince and Neha Team Members are In Danger Ranvijay Gives the One Power to Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia They Can Eliminate One Contestants From Losing Team, So Prince Narula Said It will be Unfair if you Out Deserving Contestants who also Performed in the task, So Prince and Neha Dhupia Decided to Vote Out Aman. MTV Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020 Episode: Immunity Task Winner, Double Vote Out Contestants Updates!

In Today’s Episode The Ranvijay Annoced Ticket to Final Task and Double Vote Out In the Today’s Episode, Ranvijay asks Varun and Nikhil Whom they want to Give 3 Immunity so Varun and Nikhil Decided to Give 2 Immunity to Michael and Jayant, They Can’t Decided About 3rd Immunity In Between Vipin and Hamid, So Ranvijay Solve the Issue He Gives the Power of Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula Who deserves the Immunity and They Decided to Save Hamid and Michael, Hamid and Jayant are safe From Elimination and also these 3 Contestants will Perform in the Ticket to finale task.

According to the Ticket to finale task Gang leaders have to Perform with Contestants as well, Nikhil is Clear with his Priority, and Varun as well, Hamid is Very Upset with Nikhil and Varun, Prince Narula Makes Deal With Hamid, and He Mange to Perform with Him and Check below Whom Gang Leaders Permored for MTV Roadies Contestants.

  • Varun Sood Performs for Jayant Yadav
  • Nikhil Chinappa Performs for Micheal Ajay
  • Prince Narula Performs for Hamid Barkzi

MTV Roadies 2nd January 2021 Immunity Task Winner Name

The Ticket to finale task Not For Easy to Win Everyone all of 3 Strongest Contestants of MTV Roadies It’s Seems Very Interesting to How They Will Manage to Win the Task, In the Begining Varun Sood Leading In the Task as he wants to win for Jayant Yadav, But Prince Narula and Hamid Barkzi Performed Very Well after the Slow Starts and They Covered up and Mange to Win the Ticket to Finale Task, Hamid Barkzi Become First Finalist of The MTV Roadies with Win the Immunity and Special Power To Save Someone.

MTV Roadies 2nd January 2021 Double Vote Out Contestants Name

Hamid Barkzi Saved Akash Varma From Elimination as He Makes Deal With Prince Narula Now Akash Varma is Safe From Vote Out, The Sword of the Vote Out On Vipin, Abhimanyu, Zabi, Shreya, Poonam, Ranvijay Ask to Vote for Whom they want to Eliminated Write Down 2 Names It’s Double Vote Out, So Everyone Does it and Most of the Contestants Want to Eliminated Shreya and Abhimanyu, But In The Last Zabi Khan Sacifies For Abhimanyu and In the Ends Shreya and Zabi Vote Out from Roadies, Don’t Forget to Watch Episode On MTV at 7 Pm.

Team Prince Narula

  • Akash Varma (Captain)

Team Neha Dhupia

  • Poonam Shah
  • Abhimanyu Singh Raghav (Captain)

Team Nikhil Chinnapa

  • Michael Ajay (Captain)
  • Hamid Barkzi

Team Varun Sood

  • Jayant Yadav (Captain)
  • Vipin Kumar

Gang Leaders Stars Updates:

  • Nikhil Chinapa: 4 Stars
  • Varun Sood: 3 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia: 1 Star


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