Welcome to another MTV Roadies Revolution new episode, Once again we are coming with a Major Written Update of MTV Roadies Revolution 28th November 2020, MTV Roadies Ready Back To Entertain You In This Weekend, MTV Roadies Makers consistently joint The Audience Together, MTV Roadies audience Growing Day By Day, According to the Latest TRP List of MTV, It’s was Amazing and Ranvijay Show Ruling On Audience Hearth In the Absence of Prince Narula, It’s Not Easy to Grab The Audience Without Prince Narula, Right Now Prince Narula is Busy with his Own Personal Commitment and Can’t be part of the show, On the Other Hand, Raftaar Replacement Varun Sood Taking Responsibility and Come In Limelight, Raftaar also Busy with his Work Commitments and Can’t be part of the Show, But Soon They Both will Join the Show.

MTV Roadies Revolution 28th November 2020 Written Episode Update

MTV Roadies 28 November 2020 Written Update

In The Last episode, there was a lot of things happens which you Need to know so we update you firstly here, The Last Task ‘Basketball Brew‘ There was a lot of things happens For Roadies But They Entertain Audience Very Well and The atmosphere On the Roadies Become Heated and we saw a lot of High Voltage Drama In the Reality Show, Hamid The Star Performer of the Star, He is Proved One More Time and Ruling On the MTV Roadies Revolution, He was Injured During the Task But He didn’t Give Up and Show Once Again Sportmenship, He Really Nailed It and His Team Members also Hooting for His Name, Because of the Hamid The Whole Team Become Save from Elimination.

As we Saw Ranvijay Divided Roadies Contestants Into Two Team In One Team Have to 4 Boys and 3 Girls, Ranvijay also Mention In This Task Gang Leaders Have to Make Alliance with Another Gang Leaders, Varun Sood Pitched Nikhil to Make Alliance with him and Nikhil Agreed and On the Other Hand, Neha Dhupia has no Other chance to She Makes Alliance with Prince Narula Gang, So they Choose the Team Members In the end Gang Leaders didn’t choose Sanjay Negi and He is In Direct Danger Zone as Ranvijay Mention in the Begining.

MTV Roadies Revolution 28 November 2020 – Vote Out Session

Lat’s Talk about Task Each Team 4 Boys and 3 Girls, Roadies Boys Team have to Pick the Basketball and Give to Girls Who is Standing On Basketball Net, Boys will Fight for Each Other to Pick the Ball In the Task Area and Girls have to Throw the Basketball In the Opposite Net, Task will be Played In the Two Rounds Each Round Were 7 Minutes, In First Round Boys Will Fight for Basketball and Girls will Throw the Basketball In the Net In the Second They Both will Swap the Positions. During Task A lot of the Roadies Contaastants are Injured Like Vipin Kumar Injured On the Nose, Akash Injured On his Sholder, Hamid Injured On his Knees and Arushi, Nisha, Prathibha also Injured.

Roadies Revolution 28 November 2020

Prathibha Singh was More Aggarasive In the task and She almost Beten Arushi Chawla Seems Like She is Taking Revenge and Frustrated from Arushi Chawla, Ranvijay One time Disquelyfied the Prathibha Singh But In Next Round again she Again Doing the Same Things Varun Sood and Nikhil Based Prathibha Singh and Neha Dhupia, Neha Dhupia Defending Prathibha But Varun Sood and Nikhil Become More Furious On Neha for Defending on this Point and There were Big Arguments happens In Between Gang Leaders. In the Each Round, Both Team gets 1-1 Point and Ranvijay announced It’s Sudden Death.

Sudden Death Means Both Team Has to Throw Ball In the Net If One Team Member Missed and Other will Not be Missed then the Missed Team Loose the Task, One Side Throwing The Basketball National Team Player Miacal and another hand Sportsman Hamid Both Give Them Neck to Neck Competition and Hamid was Badly Injured On his Knees and He is Standing On his One Leg, he Throw the Basketball Back to In the Net with Perfect Aim, Micale also doing good and 3 Times he also Throws the Basketball In the Net with Perfect Aim But the last he Missed One Time and Hamid didn’t Miss it and Win the Immunity Task.

In Today’s Vote Out Session The Main issue about Arushi Chawla Demanding Justice about Her Self Respect Because of Pratibha Singh Violation, Ranvijay Says I will Check Footage With the Team Members about the Pratibha Singh Violation and her intention behind to HIT Arushi Chawla, According to the Sources Pratibha Singh Elimination from MTV Roadies Because of Violation, But Not Confirmed yet we Wil Updates you Just Keep In Touch with Us! Don’t Forget to Watch the Show On MTV at 7 Pm.

Gang Leader Stars Leaderboard Updates

  • Varun Sood : 3 Stars
  • Nikhil Chinapa : 3 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia : 0 Star


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