Welcome Readers In MTV Roadies Revolution New Episode 26th December 2020 Updates, Here We Come With One More Time Major Updates of Episode and New Twist and Turns, Vote Out Contestants And Immunity Task Winner and also Some Gossips of the Episode Which You Should Know if You Follow MTV Roadies Revolution Closely, The Journey of the Roadies Revolution Not Easy For Roadies Contestants, They Are Giving Their Best to Prove Themselves Best and Competition Of This Time Become More Higher Because Most of Roadies Contestants Want to Eliminated Competition From the Game As You Can See In The Last Episode, You will Get More Clarity About The Contestants, According to Contestants This is High Time to Eliminated Competition to Survive In the Game.

MTV Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020

MTV Roadies Revolution New Episode

In The Last Task ‘Gone Wrong’ The Winner Team Nikil Get’s Immunity, Hamid, Shreya Kalra, Michael Ajay Saved From Vote Out and Neha Dhupia Team Runner Up of the Task Wint the One Immunity and Neha Saved Poonam, But This Time Ranvijay Bring Another Twist and Voutouted 2 Roadies Contestants, Nisha and Apoorva Gola Become Victim of the Ranvijay New Twist, Let’s Us Remind You, Ranvijay Give One Power to Four Immune Contastants Hamid, Poonam, Michael, Shreya They Can Nominate 4 Contaastants For Elimination and Rest of the Contestants Will Vote Out 2 Contestants, Nominated Contestants also can Vote to Eliminated Each Other. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Live Audition Online Ranvijay Sunny Leone Live With Kevin Almasifar

As the Result, Jayant Yadav Saved because Nobody Vote him for Elimination, So Nisha Get’s 6 Vote and Elimination For Sure, On the Other Hand, Akash Varma, and Apoorva Gola Gets 5-5 Votes But Ranvijay Brings Another Twist If Prince Narula Give One Star to Ranvijay Then He Can Save One Contestant as We Know Akaash and Apoorva Both are Prince Narula Gang Members and Prince Narula Already Sacrificed One Star For Apoorva Gola and This Time he Gives One Star For Akash Varma And Saved Him But He Makes Sure To Akash Varma Don’t Believe Anybody On The Journey, Your Gang Members Voted Against You Were is your Loyalty, Akash Varma Before Vote Out Said Prince Sir Here Is Just Like Family I can Trust Anybody Expect Hamid and Michael, So It’s Clear For Now, Prince Narula Said If you Agreed with Me Then Our One Star will be Not Wasted and You will save as well, don’t use your brain I know how to Play you just come here, I am King of this game. MTV Splitsvilla 13 Confirmed Contestants List Start Date Host Judges Schedule & Broadcasting Details

MTV Roadies 26th December 2020 Double Vote Out Contestants 

Finally, 2 Contestants, Nisha, and Apoorva Gola Voted Out From Roadies Revolution, Nisha From Varun Sood Team, and Apoorva Gola From Prince Narula Team, Nikhil Chinnapa Team Leading From Front Nikhil Chinnapa wins 4 Stars, Right Now he has the Highest Stars among the rest of Gang Members, Prince Narula Just Come and He Has to Sacrifice One Star For his Team Member Akash Varma, Varun Sood didn’t win Last Task But he Secured his Position at 2 No with 3 Stars, and One More Time Neha Team gets Lease Star of the Season, She has only One Star, Neha Team has become Stronger now and they can Bounce Baack Harder.

Roadies Revolution 26th December 2020 Immunity Task Winner

In The Upcoming Roadies Task, At this Stage, the Competition Become Higher then Roadies Revolution Makers also Planned Big Task as Usual 3-4 Stage In the Task, It’s Clear Nobody Can Win the Roadies Revolution Single Handley you have to make the bond with Contestants to win the Task and survive the Vote out, In This task, Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia Team Make alliance against Varun Sood and Nikhil Team, The the Promo Prince Narula Become Angry On Aman and He Can’t Be Loose The Task at Any Cost So he Showing Winning Huger During The Task, Neha Dhupia and Nikhil Chinnapa also Showing Some Aggression In The Task, They are Not Performing the Task But they are Cheering the Team Members, According to the Source Neha Dhupia And Prince Narula Winner of the Task.

Before The Task Starts Ranvijay Announces the Double Votes Out as Well, This Time Also Ranvijay Bring Another Big Twist In The Game In Last Episode Roadies Contestants Survived Double Elimination and Now One More Time Double Elimination Makers Everyone Shocked along with Gang Leaders, as we just mentioned you about Winner of the Task Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia, Prince and Neha Gang Definitely Target Hamid and Miceal In this Vote Out but There is Not Confirmation About Vote Out Contestants Just Keep In Touch With Our Website We Will Updates you Here, Don’t Forget to Watch Roadies Revolution On MTV at 7 Pm

Team Prince Narula

  • Akash Varma (Captain)
  • Zabi Khan

Team Neha Dhupia

  • Poonam Shah
  • Abhimanyu Singh Raghav (Captain)
  • Aman Poddar

Team Nikhil Chinnapa

  • Michael Ajay (Captain)
  • Hamid Barkzi
  • Shreya Kalra

Team Varun Sood

  • Jayant Yadav (Captain)
  • Vipin Kumar

Gang Leaders Stars Updates:

  • Nikhil Chinapa: 4 Stars
  • Varun Sood: 3 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia: 1 Star


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