Welcome To Brand New Episode of “MTV Roadies Revolution” Once More We Comes Here to Give You Major Updates About MTV Roadies Revolution 19th September 2020 Episode, MTV Roadies Revolution again Ready For Bang On Episode, This Time MTV Roadies Gets You Immunise Twist and Turn, Yes You heard Right First Wildcard Entry Gonne Be Show on Today Episode.

MTV Roadies Revolution 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Hadippa Games Winner First Wildcard Entry

But You Need to Don’t Worry In This Article we Talks Whole Matter of Today Episode and We Will Gives You Every Answer of Your Questions In This Article, You Might Be Thinking About Who will Be Selected From Wildcard Just Read This Article To the Ends.

In The Last episode, we saw MTV Roadies Contestants and Gang Leaders Starts Their Journey One Place to Another Place By Bike Ride, After they Reache Tholi Village, They all had a lot Fun along with the Local gardens of the village, After One Night Next Morning, They again Traveled for Task Place, On this Place Contestants Tents also Placed, So you can consider as Final Location.

MTV Roadies Revolution 19th September- Wildcard Entry

Ranvijay gives Hadippa Games Task to Contestants In the Last episode, and the Task Divided Into 4 Parts, which Contestants have to Win In Every Task Wrestling, Javelin Throw, Archery, and Discus Throw. according to the last Episode, Prince Narula Team was the Winner of the Javelin Throw.

In Hadippa Games Task Micheal and Kevin Most Strong, Contantants were can’t Performance Well, They Both Represent Nikhil Chinnapa Team On the Other, and Arushi Chawla Performance was Very Good, All Gang Leaders are Giving Compliments to her performance, and Hamid didn’t get much chance to Participate.

Arushi Chawla Winner of the First Part of the Javelin Throw Task, According to the Task, If she wins in the Task then her team will get 3 Chances to Throw Javelin and She Wins the Power and Beat 3 Girls But didn’t Worth it.

Nikhil Chinnapa Selected Micheal For Javelin Throw, He had 3 Chance to Throw Javelin, he needs to Throws far as much he can, But he didn’t Even Beat Vipin Kumar Javelin, In this Javelin Throw Task Akash Milan is the Winner Because of Nobody Beat Akash Milan Javelin.

On the Other Hand Underdog Sanjay Negi Performing Like a Pro, Everyone considering him as a low Competitions in Task, But He Nailed It and Prove it He can also very Good Performance, He Thinks Roadies is not all about strengths, Firstly he in Neha Team and Neha Dhupia send him to Throw Javelin But he didn’t Throw as much he can so Everyone is Laughing On him.

In One More Task Which is Happens Between Kavin, Aman, Sanjay, The Task is Ranvijay Makes Big Round On Floor and Put 1 Aloe Vera Juice Bottle, Contantsnts Need to Put the Bottle and Come Outside the Round, Kavin is MMA Fighter and Aman also Fitness Freak But Sanjay Nagi Not Lose Hope and Prove Himself and Win Advantage For his Team.

In the Today Episode, you will see the Remaining 2 Hadippa Games Archery and Discus Throw, Nikhil, Varun, and Prince teams won one task each, and Neha Dhupia didn’t win any Task But she can Performance In 2 Task.

In Archery Task Contantsnts have to Put Pot On their Hands and Eyes will be Closed with the Help of Strip, Each Team will be Performe the Archery Task. and they have to Crossed One Mark While they are walking Gang Leaders can also perform the Task, Gang Leddders can Throw Pot from a competitor’s head with help of Archery.

According to the Promo Video Released By MTV Roadies Revolution at Social Media, Neha Dhupia Throwing the Archery On her Mark and become Happy On the Other Side Nikhil and Varun also seems Very Happy along with Very Price Narula seems like they all are enjoying the Task.

On the Other Hand One, Last Game Left Discus Throw, Neha Dhupia Team Plyers Laughing on Varun Team Captain Jayant because he can’t Throw Discus on Mark, After this Jayant also giving back to them tells them Just wait and watch.

Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia Scolding Aman Because he has a lot of Attitude problem, In Prince Narula Words, You can just Bark Never Bite, along with Neha also Join Prince and tells This is your attitude will be made Worst in your Life, Aman Just listening and never answering.

MTV Roadies Revolution 19th September 2020 – Hadippa Games Winner and Runner Up

Varun Team Win the Discus Throw Task Because of the commendable performance of Jayant as The Varun the Become Runner Up In the Hadippa Games Task and Prince Narula Team is the Winner of the Hadippa Games Task and Price Narula Get One More Star and he has a total 3 Starts Now.

After the Task Contantsnts Contantants discussing the strategy about Next Vote Out, Zabi Khan said to Approva Gola Kavin is the Only Player who Plying Very Dirty Game In Show, After That Kavin come to an argument with Approva But In this, Between Arusha Chawla come and Star Fighting with Approva Because Kavin is Good Friend of her, She Just defending him, They Both are got into dirty arguments.

MTV Roadies Revolution Wildcard Entry

There are 4 Contestants who get a direct entry on MTV Roadies Revolution via battle ground episodes. they all are PI winners, They are Prakhar Narayan, Bhawish Madan, Taniya Hussain, and Poonam Shah, They are coming to the show In today’s episode.

According to the Sources, In these 4 Contestants, Only One Contestant will be Selected and the rest of all can’t be on MTV Roadies, Prakhar Narayan Selected as a Wildcard Entry, Don’t Forget to Watch the episode on MTV at 7 PM.


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