Welcome to Brand to New “MTV Roadies Revolution” Episode Updates, MTV Roadies is Ready For This Week Bang on Episode, We are again come here to give some Updates about MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September 2020 Episode, From Last Week “MTV Roadies” gets more attention of audience due to Double Elimination, and New Exciting Twists, Once again MTV Roadies Set for New Twist and Turns.

MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Next Task Winner & Task Team Members!

In the Last Episode, we saw two contestants were eliminated which is Yami Ripta and Sakshi Mallik, They Both Ends their journey On the Peak on the MTV Roadies Revolution This Season, MTV Roadies Revolution journey has been starting in this week episode, they both will miss this opportunity.

In This Episode, MTV Roadies Revolution journey has been starting from Bikes, This time they are Traveling from Bikes, all Roadies contestants are ready for it and looking very exciting for the journey, This time they are riding for tholi, it’s somewhere in India, Ranvijay Tells everyone to be safe to drive and ride slow and also give massage to where helmet always while driving.

MTV Roadies contestants Looking Happy and enjoying the Traveling, Some of the contestants are clicking Photos with each other and Gang Leaders to makes memories, Finally, they reached tholi and stay at one place which is looking Very Haunted, Neha Dhupia Sacred and tells Ranvijay She Remembring the Collage days and Ranvijay Try to Sacred her, it’s was a funny conversation between both of them.

After the Next day MTV Roadies all contestants are ready for the Next Task, This Time Task Looking Very Interesting, all contestants wearing Tholi Place Famous Dress, Which is Look Like Mogli Dress. all are Looking Good and comfortable in this avatar.

MTV Roadies Revolution Team Captains

As you know In the Last Episode, Rannvijay said gang leaders choose your captain, according to this gang leaders already have selected one contestant who participates in his Gang as Captain.

  • Team Prince Narula  – Akash Milan
  • Team Neha Dhupia – Dr. Pratibha Singh
  • Team Nikhil – Micheal Ajay
  • Team Varun Sood– Jayant Yadav

MTV Roadies Revolution 12th September Episode Task Highlights

According to promo, MTV Roadies contestants will have to perform this time combinatorial task. The contestants will be playing four games. This will include Wrestling, Javelin Throw, Archery, and Discus Throw.

MTV Roadies Recently Released a Promo Video of Today Episode, According to Promo, contestants and gang Leaders doing good things, contestants are doing a task, and gang leaders are cheering them and also participate with them, it’s quite interesting don’t forget to watch episode on MTV at 7 PM.

Prince Narula Team Members For This Task

The following contestants will take part in Prince Narula Team for this Task:

  • Akash Milan (Captain)
  • Aman
  • Tarandeep
  • Srishti Sudhera

Nikhil Chinapa Team Members For This Task

The following contestants will take part in Nikhil Chinapa Team for this Task:

  • Micheal Ajay (Captain)
  • Kevin
  • Arushi Chawla
  • Hamid

Neha Dhupia Team Members For This Task

The following contestants will take part in Neha Dhupia Team for this Task:

  • Pratibha (Captain)
  • Sanjay Negi
  • Apoorva Gole
  • Zabi Khan

Varun Sood Team Members For This Task

The following contestants will take part in Varun Sood Team for this Task:

  • Jayant (captain)
  • Vipin Kumar
  • Nisha
  • Abhimanyu

MTV Roadies Revolution Task Winner – 12th September 2020 Episode

Prince Narula Team will be the Winner of the tribal task, As a Result of Winning Task, Prince Narula Gets One More Star From Ranvijay and He Becomes Most Stars Gang Leader, Prince Narula have Total 3 Stars Now And His Team Members are Safe For Vote Out This Week, Akash Milan (Captain), Srishti Sudhera, Tarandeep, Aman are safe from Eliminations, For more updating episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!


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