In the previous episode of MTV Roadies Real Heroes season 16, we have witnessed the high-octane Poll Kholo round. Yukti said that everyone is in the game for some reason and wants to play games with each other, but they don’t like challenging anyone outside the camp. Sahiba got the most votes against her, eight votes. When she raised her voice other constant blamed her that she’s still trying to gain footage in the show. Rachel and Sahiba got into a heated argument. Some of the contestant called Rashmeet a liar.

Next morning, the task continued from where it was ended last time. Rashmeet and Milind were eliminated while Tara had two rubber bands left. More interestingly, Nikhil’s entire gang was eliminated only Lakshay had one lifeline left. Ringmaster Rannvijay asked if anybody feels like only Neha and Nikhil’s gangs are getting targeted by everyone. Gang leader Neha once again spoke out about alliance in the show. Gang leader Sandeep said that there is no alliance over here in the show. Neha and Raftaar got into an argument.

Ranvijay started the task and asked a question: “Who acts foolish but emerges victorious in the camp?” Nikhil gave a wrong answer again due to which Lakshay got out from the game. Prince gave the next answer correct because of which Sahiba lost her lifeline. Sandeep answered the following question correctly and out Tara from the competition. Neha and Nikhil’s gangs got out in the task. Yukti lost, and Aarushi also lost their lifeline. Aarushi said that she felt many times that the other Roadies got a preference over her. Things had gotten bitter between Raftaar and Aarushi.

Raftaar gave a wrong answer due to which his gang also wiped out from the task. Sandeep gave a wrong answer, and Prince won the task. Prince came first, Sandeep and Raftaar came second and third in the task respectively while Neha and Nikhil came fourth and fifth respectively. Prince’s three gang members were immune as he played the game smartly. After completing the task, all contestants reached their camp location. Bharg returned to the camp after being admitted to the hospital for four days, and she continued her Roadies journey. Aarushi got emotional saying Raftaar gives preference to other Roadies over her every time. We have also seen a high-intensity auction in the previous episode of the show.

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In MTV Roadies Real Heroes season 16 episode 23, 14th July 2019, gang leaders Neha and Sandeep get into a heated argument. Neha seems disappointed from Sandeep as he, Raftaar and Prince wiped out her gang from the task by ganging up together. Neha says to Raftaar that it’s time to wake up and smell the cost. Sandeep tells Neha that he had a word with his gang but seems like his gang doesn’t pay attention to what their gang leader says and they only do what they think is right. Ringmaster Rannvijay gives an interesting water task to the contestants. Watch Roadies Real Heroes season 16 at 7 PM on MTV and anytime on Voot.


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