In the previous episode of MTV Roadies Real Heroes Season 16 Episode 19, we have seen that Aarushi Dutta was disappointed with her member and gang leader even though her team won the entertainment task. She thought they were partial like always as they gave the lead to Bhargsethu. She said that she felt underappreciated. Bhargsethu told the whole scenario to gang leader Raftaar. Aarushi told Bhargsethu to learn how to deal with humans. All contestants got ready and left for their task location. Ringmaster Rannvijay Singha gave a task to the contestant named “Dingy Hop.” Rannvijay told everyone that just one Roadie from each gang will take part in this task. It was the first individual task of Roadies, where only one Roadie would represent the entire gang.

Rannvijay said the winning gang will get two immunities and the second winning gang will get just one immunity. He explained the task to the contestants. Neha got into an argument with Prince over alliance in the show. Prince chose Bidhan, Nikhil selected Simran, Neha picked up Tara and Sandeep chose Tarun to perform the task. Tara from Neha’s gang won the task and received two immunities. Prince’s gang was second in the task and got one immunity. Gang leader prince had all hopes his allies to stay strong in the game show. But he knew that his own gang member is going to cheat him by backstabbing him in the game.

In MTV Roadies Real Heroes Season 16 Episode 20, 23rd June 2019 Sunday, viewers will get to see the tussle between gang leader Prince and a wildcard contestant Chopsy. Prince gets into an argument with Chopsy. Prince says that Kashish Thakur Pundir, the winner of MTV Roadies Xtreme, won because of his own passion and potential and that he and Neha didn’t make him the winner. Prince tells Chopsy to not come into his team as he doesn’t want to play with him in the game. He even goes on to say that Chopsy doesn’t have that potential which others Roadies have. Chopsy asks Prince not to take it personally, but Prince says that he is taking it personally.

Well, this is not all as gang leaders Neha and Prince also get into a heated argument. Neha says that Prince is turning words around and manipulating everyone. Prince says that Neha doesn’t listen carefully and then jumbles words. Prince says that he’s proud of himself as he plays well. Ringmaster Rannvijay gives an exciting task to the contestants, in which the gangs go door to door and entertain people. There is so much happening in the latest episode of the show which you just cannot miss if you are a true fan of the show. Watch Roadies Real Heroes Season 16 at 7 PM every Sunday only on MTV. You can also stream the show on Voot.


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