Roadies is the show which is highly hyped among everybody. Teenagers are so crazy about this. Neha Dhupia says she will play and other captains are thinking to make her out of the show. Rannvijay asks paji to whom he wants to give immunity. He says Ashish is the one who is safe now. Everybody congratulate him. He says Sahiba is the next one who is safe. She says thank you to him. Neha says there is no profit of expecting anything as she was taunting Sohail. Prince says my gang was full thats why we did not take you.

In Roadies Real Heroes 9th June 2019 episode we will see that Neha is angry on Sohail and says we helped him and he does not remember anything. Neha says there is a reason why Serena Williams does not play with Federer. Prince and Neha gets into some argument. Prince says why you did not let us out of the game. Prince asks why you always talk about class. Neha says when I said this. Prince says I have come here with my hard work. They both start fighting.

Voting happens and most of the votes go to Xerxes. Prince and Neha again fight. Neha says I have been fighting and winning from two years and I know how to handle my gang. Prince says I am here because this platform made me. Xerxes again gets one vote. The gang starts fighting with each other. Xerxes fights with Tarun. This season is going to be so fun and filled with so much of fights and controversies. For more updates of Roadies Real Heroes episode written updates stay tuned us.


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