Indians  Youth Favorites Show “MTV Roadies Revolution” Brings you One More episode with full of Entertainment, Adventure, and Suspense, MTV Roadies fans are earlier waiting for Weekend to see MTV Roadies Show, But some of the Mad fans are Wating for every single Update Related to show, So don’t worry we are here to update you, Just Keep read the whole article and you will get everything, From Last Two weeks The Show Making Hipe In the audience so that can work for MTV Roadies Makers to Gains Very Good Amount of TRP, So here they come with One More Magnificat Episode MTV Roadies, According to the sources This is the Last Task Shoot Before the Lockdown In India.

MTV Roadies 17th October 2020 Written Update

MTV Roadies 17th October 2020 Episode Highlights

Recently MTV Roadies Show Shooting has been Stated In Mumbai, You can see More Content From MTV Roadies Makers, Before Starting Shoot Gang Leader Raftaar want to Back on the Show But Before Start Shoot he Tasted Covid-19 Positive, That can MTV Roadies Shooting Has been Stopped for Some More Days, But Raftaar didn’t feel Any Covid-19 symptoms In his Body, So He Once again Tasted For Covid-19, Then His Reports Become Negative and Once again Shoot has been Begin On Good Note.

MTV Roadies is one of the Best Reality Show In India, The Most Youth audience Prefer to Watch MTV Roadies, Because of Young Blood contestants and Gand Leder Price Narula, Yes you heard Right Price Narula is the Main Reason for the Show, Price Narula has a Huge Fan Following and He Win 3 Indian Biggest Reality Shows so That People’s Called Him Reality King, On the Show, Everyone wants to Perform with Price Narula Gangs, Right now 2 Fixed Contestants who can perform the Task Til the Roadies, First One Captain Akash Milan and Second Apoorva Gola.

Today’s Episode Begin with Ranvijay, He has given One More Immunity Task, In the Last Episode we saw the Immunity Task, and In today’s episode we will see the Next Part Of the Immunity Task, The Face-Off Between Underdogs Vs Favorites, Underdogs Themselves and Win the Immunity In the Underdogs Team Member Give Below:

  • Prakhar Narayan
  • Aman
  • Taran
  • Arushi Chawla
  • Nisha Yogini
  • Abhimanyu
  • Sanjay Negi
  • Hamid
  • Poonam Shah

MTV Roadies Revolution 17th October 2020 Written Update

In Today’s episode, Ranvijay comes with New Twist and Turns, It seems Like his Daily Routine Not New for Roadies contestants to face New Tern and Twist of Ranvijay, It’s to easy to survive in the Roadies, He always mentioned that, and now once more time proving that this time Underdogs Team Members are safe from elimination In the Last Episode But In the Today’s Episode Ranvijay Gives One More Chance to Win the Immunity to all contestants, In this case, Immune Contatsnt has to safe themselves One More Time and defend the Immunity this time, Rest of all will try to get Immunity from Immune Contatsnts.

Ranvijay gives all the information about the to the contestants and this time Task Divided Into Three Major Parts, all the Parts have Main Important Role In the Task, Ranvijay clearly mentioned contestants you have to do Task Very Wisely and Tricky On Some Notes, He just tries to tell them Give your 100% But Make sure Take care of yourself as well, This Task full of Adventure and Risky.

In the First Part, you will see Climbing, In this Part, Contatsnts have to do Climbing and Pick the Red Flags In the Path, Four Contatsnts going to perform In the Climbing Part Which is On the Rope Aman, Abhimanyu, Kavin, and Michael will Take Part In this Task.

In the Second Stage, Akash Milan and Hamid Will Take Part, In this Stage, Contestants have to Stand behind the Bike, Ranvijay will Run the Bike, and contestants have to explode the Matka while Ranvijay driving the Bike and they have to maintain the balance as well during Explode Matka, Let’s see One More Time Underdogs will Save themselves or Not don’t forget to watch the Show On MTV at 7 Pm.


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