Most popular reality show MTV Roadies near to complete its 2020 journey. The show is telecast every Saturday at 7 PM on MTV. This year MTV Roadies is a form and newest the name is also special as Roadies Revolution. Now there are many interesting things that happened in the situation. The Thriller of this season still maintained and becomes more entertaining due to the nomination and elimination.

MTV Roadies 28th November 2020 New Episode - Vote Out, Immunity Task, Elimination!

There are four gang leaders, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Varun Sood returned as Leaders while Rannvijay Singha they are the backbone of this reality show who maintains the engagement of the audience in every episode.

MTV Roadies 28th November 2020

According to the available information, contestant Pratibha Singh, former captain of Neha Dhupia’s gang. In this upcoming episode, there is a probability that she will be asked to leave the show because of her aggressive nature in the recent task of ‘Basket Brawl’.

Today, host Ranvijay Singha will saturate non-immune contestants and put two contestants into one pair. So, as per the current task, There will an utmost entertainment waiting for you. These events will double the interest in this upcoming episode.

Arushi’s demand for justice also got the leaders in a tiff. Rannvijay asks for the opinions of other contestants too with regards to this matter. Post a host of discussions, as a result, even after winning the task, Pratibha pays the price of her actions and is asked to leave the show mid-way. How will celebrity leader Neha react to this, after saving her team captain in exchange for a star in the last vote out? This segment will be interesting to watch!

Now to wrap up all the information we would like to tell you that Poonam, Zabi, Jayant, Abhimanyu, Arushi, Sanjay, Nisha, and Michael will be selected as non-immune contestants and will be put in pairs. The episode set to be telecast at 7 PM today on MTV.


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