MTV Roadies Full Episode Written Update June 4th 2022: In this modern time, everybody wants to be popular in a very short age hence individuals take the help of various platforms such as YouTube, Tik-Tok as well as many reality shows. One of the highly-rated shows Roadies has huge fan followings. The fans of this show do not leave any stone unturned to add all the baskets to miss any episode of this show. Here it’s Saturday today and it is high time to know the crunchies punches of this show.

MTV Roadies 18 Full Episode Written Update June 4th 2022 28

In the latest episodes of the show, everyone is curious to know the result of the last task, and Sonu Sood is about to announce the result and it is love to see them in this situation. Sonu Sood asks Baseer Ali if he has more friends in this show and if he will have to perform against his friends. He agrees and says that “Sir it is a part of the game and we all have to go on.” MTV Roadies Full Episode Written Update June 4th 2022

MTV Roadies 18 Written Updates 4th June 2022

In the next slide of the show again he gets attention from the camera because he was riding the bike before the task and everybody notices him Sonu Sood asks what he was doing there and he says to sir that he is doing nice but Sonu Sood repeated his words and asks Baseer was driving but who was sitting behind him.

Baseer blushes and he answers that Kevin is under the paramedical team and his friend Sundras was feeling alone hence he gives company to her and everybody laughs and Sundras blushes.

Ahead in the episode, Dutta along with many contestants are waiting to announce the results. Sonu Sood reveals and reflects a bunch of sparks on their performance in the last task. Baseer and Jash are leading the task and Sohail and Sibbi with 3 minutes and 14 seconds except for them Dutta and Sundras have done the task very quickly and this pain can be lead the task Bhatia and many candidates also appreciate their efforts but timing they took 7 stones and timing 3 minutes and 28 seconds and gets 2nd place. They were not as happy as they could be.

Later, in this episode, Kevin and his friend come back to the set and they have clean chit from the hospital, and they are looking very enthusiastic. Now it will add oil to the fire because it is very common whenever any individual comes back, and many new and surprising task is being introduced. Users can watch this show on MTV at 7 PM IST and anytime on Voot.

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