Welcome Readers ‘MTV Roadies Revolution’ Back with One another episode with full of entertainment, suspense New Task with New Twist and Turns, we would Like to Tells you MTV Roadies Viewership Growing Day by day, after the Wildcards Entry The Show Making More Headlines, and People’s also Giving attention to the Show, In the Today episode of Ranvijay Show ‘MTV Roadies,’ you will get here every single detail here and Watch MTV Roadies New Episode MTV at 7 Pm.

MTV Roadies Revolution 10th October 2020 Written Episode Update

In the last episode, we saw the ‘The EIT’ Task Between the Wildcards Entries and Vote Out Contatsnts In Which Arushi Chawla Team Win the Team along with Prakhar Narayan, Poonam Shah, They Both Becomes Officially Roadies and they can Participate in Task As Other do Apoorva Gola Team Lose the Task and According to they are Out from the MTV Roadies Show.

But Ranvijay Gives Another Twist In Which Gang Leader can Sacrifice his One Star to Save Approva Gola and Prince Narula Sacrificed his One Star and Save Approva Gola, and we saw again CATFIGHT between Approva Gola and Arushi Chawla In Front of Gang Leaders, Both are challenging each other and In The Heated argument, Kavin and Arushi Challenged the Approva Gola and his friends, It’s Like they Both will Kill Each Other If Ranvijay says to Kill it, This Controversy taking another level.

In the Last task, Arushi and his Team Members Prakhar Narayan and Poonam Shah Performed Very Well and On the Other hand, Apoorva Gola and Bhawish Madaan also perform wall But his team members Taniya Hussain ran the whole task, But it’s was Great Competition and The Task Being about Coordination, GK knowledge, Physical, Balance.

MTV Roadies 10th October 2020 Written Update

Today’s Episode Being Around the Task and rivalry Between Arushi and Approva But You can see Power Packed Performance of the MTV Roadies contestants In the Task, The Episode is Starts with Approva Team sitting in the Tank along with Prakhar Narayan and he raised the question on Sanjay Negi because he told him he is not roadies and will not talk to him and Now Prakhar Narayan says to Sanjay Negi Talk to me Now I am Roadies and Prakhar Narayan Thinks Sanjay is Fake Personality and He Doing Things for Cameras Only.

In Sometime Arushi Chawla Come In the Approva Tank and Prakhar Narayan Says, Guys see Here Who is Our Tank One and Only Arushi Chawla, Because Arushi Chawla didn’t interact with anyone expects Kavin On the Roadies and Now She Suddenly comes In the Approva Tank and Surprises all of them, Arushi Chawla Says She want to Keep Eyes On her Enemies, One More Time Arushi and Approva are IN the Arguments.

MTV Roadies 10th October 2020 Underdogs Team VS Favorites Team

The next Morning Ranvijay Sends a Massage to the Roadies for the Next Task Location and Time, After some Roadies Reached the Location, Ranvijay announced the Immunity Task Named with ‘Halka Mai Mat Lo’ Ranvijay Divided The all the Roadies Into Two Team One Team Name Favorites and Other Team Name Underdogs, According to the task Which Team Finished the Task First will win the 8 Immunity Means the Whole Team will be safe from Elimination.

Underdogs Team Members

  • Prakhar Narayan
  • Aman
  • Taran
  • Arushi Chawla
  • Nisha Yogini
  • Abhimanyu
  • Sanjay Negi
  • Hamid
  • Poonam Shah

Favorites Team Members

  • Pratibha
  • Vipin
  • Akash Milan
  • Michael Ajay
  • Apoorva Gola
  • Jayant Yadav
  • Kavin
  • Srishti
  • Zabi

MTV Roadies 10th October Underdogs Vs Favorites Task Winner

According to the Task Ranvijay Going to Check the Strength of the Roadies Contatsnts In this Task, Roadies have to do Agriculture, They Have to Pull the do Farming, Firstly they will do ‘Haal Jotna’ after this Planting the seeds Into the Land, They have to finish the Task as less time they can, Gang Leaders are Cheering his favors team.

In the Task Favorites, Team Task Starts well But unfortunately didn’t finish well, according to our sources the Underdogs Team Members Win the Task and Safe for Next Vote Out, Favorites Team Members are In the Danger Zone In the Next Vote Out Stay Tuned For More Updates!


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