In the previous episode of MTV Love School Season 4, Gizelle said to Ramiz in front of everyone that she’s ready and she’s looking for a committed relationship with him. Ramiz said to her that he had come here to hear this in the Love School. The two hugged and said “love you” to each other. Ali told the love professors that he had come to the show with a completely different mindset, but Asheema brought calmness in his life. Sagar said that the core factor of their relationship is the trust they built in the show. The two kissed in front of everyone and showed affection for each other.

The contestants were asked to complete the three ultimate gestures of love for the very first time in the history of Love School. The first step was to reveal their relationship on social media by posting a picture with their partner with a loving caption describing them. The second love gesture was to inform their parents about their partners, and the third ultimate gesture was to getting a tattoo of their partner’s name. Only Sunny and Manpreet managed to complete all three love gestures and left everyone shocked in the previous episode of the show. The two made it straight into the grand finale of the show by completing the love exam.

Asheema, Gizelle, and most surprisingly Sagar got the permanent tattoo of their partners’ names Ali, Ramiz and Aishwarya (Africa) respectively, but their partners’ failed to complete the third gesture. More interestingly, neither Dev and nor Poojan got the tattoo of each other’s name. Asheema shocked Ali by stamping her love for him despite suffering the pain of a permanent tattoo. Manpreet and Sunny went straight into the finale while the rest of the couples — Gizelle-Ramiz, Ali-Asheema, Sagar-Africa, and Dev-Poojan still have to compete against each other to confirm their seats into the finale.

In MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 22, 20th July 2019, Saturday, viewers will see Dev teasing Asheema by calling her a girl with plastic surgery. The other contestants try to distract Ali and Asheema from the task while Karan asks them to not slow down because of other people. Sagar and Africa switch their roles in the task in the latest episode of dating reality TV show. It will be very interesting to see if the role switching will better Sagar and Africa’s performance in the task given by the love professors.ย Well, this is not all as Gizelle and Ramiz also give their 100% to the task. Will they make it into the finale of Love School season 4 while the other contestants try to distract Gizelle and Ramiz’s minds.

The power couple of the show Dev and Poojan give a fantastic performance by giving a fierce competition to others in the latest task. Karan asks Manpreet, who is already made it into the finale with her partner, Sunny, that who doesn’t deserve to be in the grand finale of the show? Manpreet targets Dev and Poojan. She says that she doesn’t find anything like the relationship between Dev and Poojan. She goes on to say that Dev doesn’t pay attention to his own relationship and takes an interest in others’ relationships. Watch Love School season 4 episode 22, 20th July 2019, Saturday, at 7 PM on MTV and anytime on Voot.


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