In the previous episode of MTV Love School Season 4, we have seen a lot of fighting in the judgment night. It was a fierce judgment night where Ali kicked got in a physical confrontation against Sagar. But Ali and Sagar were not the only students of Love School who got into an ugly fight as Rishabh, who was in danger zone, attacked Ramiz and also delivered some nasty blows at Ramiz, who recently returned in the show as a wild card entry. All of these ugly fightings made Karan Kundra highly upset and furious, and he kicked out Rishabh from the show. He said that he will not tolerate such massy behavior in the show. Rishabh and Gunjan went home in the previous episode of the show, and with that, we have got our top five couple — Gizelle-Ramiz, Sunny-Manpreet, Dev-Poojan, Sagar-Africa, and Ali-Ashima.

In MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 21, 13th July 2019, Gizelle says to Ramiz that she is looking forward to having a committed relationship with him. The two shares a lovely kiss in front of everyone. Gizelle and Ramiz have a roller coaster journey in the show; the couple has shown so much improvement in their love bond since they are a part of the show. It seems the couple is “Ishq Wala Love” with each other! Gizelle says, “On my journey here, I think I have been able to open up with my emotions.” She says to Ramiz, “If I love you, and you love me, we should be together and not continue trying other people in.” The couple says I love you to each other and hugs each other in front of the entire Love School.

Gizelle and Ramiz are not the only couples, who are madly in love with each other and a new bond in the Love School is also generating buzz, Sagar and Africa. Sagar and Africa confess their feelings for each other and speak out about the connections they have built with each other. Africa says that everyone in the school used to laugh on her and Sagar’s bond, but their bond gets stronger with time. Sagar says that Africa trusted me and he also trusted her and that they became a couple by default, but they have ended up building a strong connection with each other.

The love professor praises Ali and Ashima as demonstrate them as a couple, who met on the set of Love School and built a strong love bond. Karan asks Ali and Ashima that how do they feel. Ashima says in response that she feels very excited and very happy. She goes on to say that she doesn’t have any doubt about Ali while Ali says that he came into the show with lots of aggression and a completely different mindset, but Ashima brings calmness in him. He says that now he feels like he can be himself with someone he wanted to be with.

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The love professors Karan and Anusha give a unique task to the contestants that they haven’t done in the history of the show. They explain the task saying there will be three gesture in the task. Firstly, the contestants have to go online and upload a picture with their partner, introducing them in the caption by describing them. For the second gesture, the contestants have to call at their home and tell their families about their partners. In order to show their loyalty and commitment to their partner, the contestants have to get a permanent tattoo of their partner’s name as the third gesture. The third gesture shocked everyone as getting a permanent tattoo of your partner’s name is a really big deal. Watch Love School Season 4 Episode 21, 13th July 2019, Saturday, at 7 PM on MTV and anytime on Voot.


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