In the previous episode of MTV Love School Season 4, we have seen this season’s very first spot elimination. Manpreet and Shafan got eliminated after the vote out process in the judgement night, but Sunny decided to leave the show with his lady love that saved Shafan. But all the tables turned when love professor Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar saved Manpreet and Sunny. Next morning, Gunjan and Gizelle got into a fight over Ramiz as Gizelle and Ramiz were sleeping together and cuddling. Gizelle said to Gunjan that she’s not his girlfriend then why she’s getting jealous. Gunjan said in response that even Gizelle isn’t his girlfriend.

Ramiz admitted that he still loves Gizelle and that he has kept his loyalty for her. Gunjan said that Ramiz and Gizelle were just playing games as they never wanted to separate and now they are back together. Karan and Anusha arranged a special session with the contestants where they talked to the contestants. Karan talked to boys while Anusha talked to girls in the show. All contestants shared some darkest incident and experience of their lives. It was a very emotional session for both boys and girls both that even made our love professors cry. Karan and Anusha asked contestants to write a love letter for their partner. Sagar chose Africa despite promising to Mukta to partner up with her.

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In MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 20, 6th July 2019, Saturday, viewers will get to see a special Judgement night episode, where Ali and Sagar get into a heated argument that soon turns into an intense fight. Ali stands up from his seat and comes to Sagar to attack him. Ali asks Sagar to shut his mouth, but he refuses to do so that prompts Ali to leave his seat and hit Sagar. Well, this is the only fight viewers will get to see in the judgement night as Ramiz and Rishabh also get into an argument that converts into an ugly fight in front of love professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar. It would be interesting to see if the two fight over Gizelle. More interesting, Ramiz and Gizelle, who were on a break from their relationship, are back together!

Too many fights! The fighting behaviour of the contestants makes love professor Karan upset. He stands up from his seat and scolds the contestants over their ugly fights in the dating reality TV show, Love School Season 4. Karan says that he cannot tolerate such behaviour in his show as there are high standard and reputation of the show. Viewers will also see Rishabh-Gunjan and Sagar-Africa in the danger zone. Ali slams Dev over his double standard in the game and dirty game. He also tries to put some sense in Africa by telling her that Sagar is not a reliable guy. Watch Love School Season 4 episode 20, Saturday, 6th July 2019 at 7 PM on MTV and anytime on Voot.


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