In the previous episode of MTV Love School season 4, we have seen Ramiz found himself at the dreaded danger zone once again. Gunjan, who recently paired up with Ramiz, said that she felt like their bond has strengthened because of the love exam. Ramiz lashed out at everyone and called them out for their fake personalities. Gunjan cried in the judgment night over being a second option in the show. Ramiz was voted out by everyone in the judgment, but next morning he came back in the show along with some other ex-contestants — Mukta, Ali, and Asheema.

In MTV Love School season 4 episode 18, 22 June 2019, love professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar take a love exam of contestants. Karan tells the contestants that their today’s love exam name is “Love Full Power.” Just like its name, the contestant has to give this love exam with full power. As we all know, Gizelle and Ramiz have been separated in the show; the two get into a heated argument in the latest episode of the youth-based reality TV show.

Well, this is not all as Mukta gets extremely angry on Sagar that she walks away from the show, saying she’s quitting the show. Sagar says he’s also leaving the show Mukta. It shocks everyone, especially Africa, who says, “What is happening?” Sagar tries to calm down Mukta and requests her to get back to him. Mukta cries and tells him to go back. It would be very interesting to see if Sagar’s decision to leave the show will change Mukta’s mind.

Gunjan impresses everyone with her amazing performance in the love exam, in which she defeats Mukta very badly. Everyone praises Gunjan for her performance. Manpreet and Sunny target Ali and Asheema and call their bond fake. Dev plans out a strategy with Sagar to defeat Ramiz in the love exam while Sagar changes the game by making a strategy with Ramiz to defeat Dev. Today’s episode of the show is going to be very interesting as much happening in the show, which you just cannot miss if you are a true fan of the show. Watch MTV Love School Season 4, 22 June 2019, Full Episode 18 at 7 PM on MTV. You can also stream the show on Voot. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV shows and written episodes.


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