In the previous episode of MTV Love School season 4, we have seen Gunjan and Ramiz managed to complete their task after struggling. After their performance, Gizelle and Rishabh gave an amazing performance, and everyone praised them for their coordination. Rishabh showed his strength in the task and won the love exam with Gizelle against Ramiz and Gunjan. Manpreet and Sunny also perform the task with nice coordination and chemistry. Sagar and Africa also performed the ‘Better Together’ task very well. Vaishali and Shafan performed the task very slow as there was no communication and coordination between the two.

Poojan and Dev seemed to confuse during the task, and they wasted much of their time in the middle of their task, the two also got slower in the last part of their task as Dev has hydrophobia and the two got panic. Dev and Poojan completed their task together. Love professors pulled Gizelle and Ramiz’s legs by teasing Gizelle with Rishabh’s name while Manpreet and Sunny won the love exam and got safe from the judgment night. Sunny and Manpreet proved that they are better together. Dev said he must cast Sunny and Manpreet out as the two perform all the love exams and assignments very well.

Love professor Karan Kundra named three pairs that went into a danger zone based on their performance in the love exam — Africa-Sagar, Vaishali-Shafan, and Gunjan-Ramiz. Karan said to Gunjan, and you broke your pair with Shafana and made a new one with Ramiz. He asked Gunjan if her gamble pays off. Gunjan said that performance-wise they lacked, but it did pay offย in compatibility. Karan announced that Gunjan and Ramiz’s performance was the worst in the love exam. All the contestant returned to love school house after love exam, where they did some planning plotting to vote out Ramiz in the judgment night.

It was a very interesting judgment night with an interesting mix of people. Dev said Gunjan likes being the second option as she chose Ramiz. Gunjan got emotional and cried. Dev and Manpreet speak against Ramiz over his misbehavior and double standard in the show. Karan and Anusha Dandekar saved one couple from danger zone before voting; they saved Sagar and Africa. Sunny and Manpreet had a boon and a bane in the judgment night as the reward of winning the love exam. Karan said whoever Sunny and Manpreet give the boon to that individual’s vote against whichever boy or girl will be counted as double while the one to whom Sunny and Manpreet give the bane their vote will be canceled. Sunny and Manpreet gave the boon to Dev and the bane to Africa.

Most of the contestants vote against Ramiz but most surprisingly Gizelle also vote against Ramiz and Gunjan saying, “Ramiz has only brought negativity. I’m done with the negativity. I’m done with being manipulated.” Gizelle went on to say, “Relationship-wise, this is done.” Everyone clapped for Gizelle and supported her decision. Gunjan and Shafan got safe while Ramiz and Vaishali went home but before leaving Ramiz received a hug from Gizelle. Gizelle got emotional and cried while Ramiz said they will be best friends forever. Ramiz, Mukta, Ali, and Asheema came back into the Love School next morning.

MTV Love School Season 4 Episode 17 will be very interesting as so much is happening in the show which you just cannot miss if you are a true fan of the show. Viewers will get to see Africa and Mukta fighting for Sagar. While Ali-Asheema and Ramiz will challenge Dev and Poojan in the latest episode, but Dev and Poojan will accept Ali and Asheema’s challenge and will compete against them. While Sagar will compete against Ramiz, who got eliminated in the previous episode of judgment night. Sagar will show affection for Mukta, and the two will smooch in front of everyone in the latest episode. Don’t miss anything and watch the Love School season 4 episode 17, 15th June 2019, Saturday, tonight at 7 PM on MTV. You can also stream the show on Voot.


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